Top Instances to Consider Concierge OB/GYN Care for Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is exciting, especially if you have had difficulties actualizing your parenthood dreams. Nonetheless, the conception journey is not always straightforward. This means you may need concierge medicine Alamo Heights for pregnancy care in certain situations. Concierge OB/GYN care during pregnancy can help ensure that you have a professional by your side from the beginning tracking the fetus’s development and your health. This is critical in high-risk pregnancies where the health of the mother-to-be and child is in danger. Here are some instances to consider concierge OB/GYN care during pregnancy.

Maternal age

Pregnant teenagers are at risk of a lack of enough healthy red blood cells (anemia), high blood pressure, and preterm labor and delivery. Teens are also likely to have engaged in irresponsible sexual behavior, meaning STIs risk is high. Moreover, they may not know if they are infected, putting them and the baby at risk. Besides teenagers, if your first pregnancy comes at or beyond 35 years, you are also at high risk. You could face concerns including ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy loss, gestational hypertension, prolonged labor, labor that does not progress, and delivery complications like excessive bleeding.

Concierge medicine ensures you have a doctor readily available throughout your pregnancy. This makes it easier to keep you and the developing baby healthier and safe. The care may include counseling, managing medications, catching and addressing worrying symptoms, and adjusting lifestyle to facilitate healthier development.

Pregnancy condition

Genetic or congenital disabilities, multiple gestations, gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia, and eclampsia make a pregnancy high risk. Your history, such as multiple miscarriages or a previous preterm birth, also means it is likely to happen again. Such pregnancy conditions require effective care to mitigate risks and improve the chances of carrying to term and safely delivering a healthy baby. Concierge medicine allows mothers-to-be to access 24/7 care without waiting. This facilitates prompt attention to address any symptom or worry they may face.

Medical conditions

If you are battling health issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Zika infection, HIV/AIDs, autoimmune conditions, kidney disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and glucose, concierge medicine is recommended. The conditions increase the chances of passing infections to the developing baby, congenital disabilities, preterm and low birth weight, delivery complications, and stillbirth if ineffectively managed. Concierge medicine facilitates thorough care during and after pregnancy, which can help mothers-to-be actualize the desire to deliver and raise a healthier baby.

Lifestyle concerns

Lifestyle habits like drug use during pregnancy require effective care. For instance, if alcohol abuse is unchecked, the baby is at risk of developing FASDs (alcohol spectrum disorders) and sudden infant death syndrome. Drug use also increases miscarriage, congenital disabilities, and preterm or stillbirth risks. Concierge medicine can help you adjust your lifestyle to mitigate such risks and enhance the chances of a safe and successful pregnancy and delivery.

Access to your doctor 24/7, including weekends and without appointments, and longer sessions help ensure that nothing is left to chance. Such care makes mitigating concerns associated with a high-risk pregnancy easier, keeping the mother-to-be and developing baby safer. Contact Cornforth Gynecology and Medspa today for more on concierge medicine.