Top Ideas About What Employees Want from Their Workplace

Owing to the highly competitive marketplace, companies need to up the ante to attract potential workers. Apart from fair salaries and bonuses, a sustainable working environment truly resonates with today’s employees.

Further, the digital transformation across several sectors has changed an employee’s requirement from a workplace. Not only are employees the true lifeblood of a company, but they also help in business recovery. Thus, organisations must rethink their strategy to attract, retain and manage their workforce apart from the regular CTC elements. 

For example, all employers provide health insurance to their employees as a part of their package. However, there are a few minor things that companies overlook that can improve the quality of life of the employees tremendously.  

As opposed to the current situation, health insurance policy for employees should include coverage for their parents as well as their spouse’s parents. Males and females should be privy to treatments that are specific to their gender. Employees that identify as a gender besides male and female should get insurance coverage based on their medical needs. Single parents should be given a customized package to encompass the needs of their nuclear family. 

Top ideas of what employees expect from their workplace

To create a team of highly engaged employees, it is vital to cater to their needs concerning a workplace. Considering the below-mentioned ideas can help an employer tune with today’s worker’s requirements. In this way, they can hire stars rather than just fill vacancies.

  1. Employees want to work with a diverse team

Roles, skills and company requirements change over time. Consequently, a diversified workforce is paramount for the progress of an organisation. Generally, employees prefer working with a diverse team that helps in the betterment of the company. Therefore, organisations must focus on building diversified teams that are targeted, measurable and impactful. 

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Prioritisation of learning and development

New business models are underway due to the pandemic, and accordingly, customer preferences are also changing. Owing to this, companies have a number of new roles and opportunities that require proper upskilling and reskilling. Prioritising learning and development will attract employees that will, in turn, help in business growth. 

  1. To Avail Group Health Insurance

Employees tend to work for an employer who offers benefits in the form of medical insurance. Employers provide corporate health insurance or group health insurance plan that extend coverage against medical emergencies. Under this insurance, employees can get extensive coverage, including pre and post-hospitalisation, pre-existing diseases, maternity cover and more. Further, these insurance policies provide benefits to an employee’s family members by covering their medical costs.

But, is corporate health insurance sufficient?

For more comprehensive coverage that will target personal needs, employees can get an individual health insurance policy for themselves and his/her family members. By obtaining medical insurance, one can reduce financial liabilities arising during health emergencies and also have control benefit limits, co-pays and deductibles. For instance, employees can add critical illness cover over and above their base insurance plan for an additional layer of protection. 

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  1. Flexible work options

Employees prefer working in an environment that offers flexibility in terms of office hours and location. Thus, organisations can leverage flexible work models to connect with suitable candidates. One of the primary reasons to choose flexible working hours and location is because employees prioritise their lifestyle, personal and family interests overwork. 

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  1. Appreciation or perks

Apart from working across projects, employees like to obtain certain perks and emerging benefits from their organisation. Such emerging benefits include:

  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Wellness programs
  • Phased retirement program
  • Paid sabbatical program
  • On-site free services
  • On-site medical care
  • Opportunity to work abroad

Besides, employers crave recognition and appreciation for a job well done in their workplace. This helps in boosting their confidence and perform even better in future. 

  1. Growth in workplace

Workers generally prefer an organisation from where they can upgrade their skills. Therefore, maintaining a workplace that helps in the growth of an employee’s capability by expanding its horizons to new areas is crucial. If an employee finds a way to advance in an institution, he or she can, in turn, help in its growth as well. 

Other than this, several other aspects of an organisation attract an employee, including trust, responsibility, expectations and goals etc. To boost business and hire a group of best workers, one must consider factoring in the aforementioned points. By following these points, one can maintain a sustainable workplace for workers and expect profits in future. 

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