Top 4 Hollywood Movies About Poker

There are many popular movies about poker and if you are keen on this great game, I recommend watching them. Here is my top 4 list and I hope you like it.

Poker has become one of the most popular gambling games in the world, and for good reason. After all, it seems to have that magical mix of skill, chance, excitement and strategy. It’s great for people of any personality. One who is unfamiliar with the game might be surprised to know that poker is one of the action packed games of all time, even though there’s less actual body movement in it than you would see in someone playing pinball. It’s all about the psychological play, the ability to take calculated risks and to know when to cut your loses, how to read (and even manipulate your opponents), and how to remain calm and cool even when the stakes are huge.
Because of the love people have developed for this heart-pounding, brain twisting game, many movies have been made that revolve around it.


Maverick is based on a 1950s TV program with a character named James Garner. The movie’s title is taken from the name of the main character, who is a slick poker player whose greatest skill is being able to con people. The action of the movie begins when he wants to join a Winner Take All poker game, but doesn’t have the money to enter it. The rest of the movie is about what happens when he tries to get the additional three thousand dollars he needs to buy into the game where he may lose it all, or win big time. Checkout the rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai season 2.

The Grand

Woody Harrelson stars in this funny movie about poker. Harrelson is a slick, womanizing, middle aged man who wants to win big. But he comes across a whole retinue of some pretty strange competitors, including a German who likes to keep hamsters and rabbits with him and likes rubbing his hands with lotion.

Cincinnati Kid

This movies, starring Steve McQueen, is about Eric “The Kid” Stoner, who is an extremely talented poker player who has perhaps run up against a foe that is out of his league. That rival coes in the person of a veteran card shark named Howard (played by Edward G. Robinson. The two battle it out in a five card stud game, with dealer Shooter forced by Howard’s enemies to cheat in order to help the Kid and bring revenge upon the old vet. Also Checkout New Amsterdam Season 3 UK.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale was released in 2006, and completely recreated the character of the British secret service agent James Bond, 007. It is arguably the best James bond flick ever, and brings this suave, manly character down to the level of mortals. The story begins with Bond’s promotion to “double O” status, and his assignment to investigate an international terrorist organization. He follows the trail, and ends up playing high stakes poker just feet away from some of the most dangerous men on the planet. With ten million pounds of government money on the linePsychology Articles, he risks funding global terrorism for the chance that he can cut the money line of the terrorists.