Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

Looking for a gift for dog lovers can be tricky, even with the number of dog products on the market. You might be trying to decide between getting something useful for your dog owner friend, or something funny, or decorative. No matter what you decide, there are many dog inspired gifts on the market to choose from.

Here are 9 top gift ideas for dog owners:

Customized Dog Printed Pillow

Most dog owners tend to frame their pets’ pictures. But did you know you can get their dog printed on a pillow? It is one of the trending dog inspired gifts, and a great way to combine function and fun in one present.

Paw Protection

If your loved one has a dog that struggles to walk or run because of age, arthritis, or slippery floors, then paw protector pads are a great gift option for both human and pooch! Paw pads have a good grip that allow dogs to walk and run smoothly. These pads can also protect against cold snow, hot concrete, or sharp rocks.

Pet Bed Mattress

Just like humans, dogs need a good night’s sleep. As dogs sleep for around 12 to 18 hours each day, they need a warm mattress that can serve as a comfortable spot for them to relax, sleep, and stay healthy. A luxurious dog bed is a great way to show you love your pal’s pet just as much as they do!

Soft LED Dog Harness

An LED dog collar is a perfect gift for those who like to take their dog out for early morning or late night walks. Available in different colors, these LED harnesses will help them keep track of their dog in the dark, fog, and even snow!

Portable Dog Feeders

Whether at home or traveling, dogs need to eat and drink to stay healthy. If your pet owner friend likes to travel, a portable food bowl and water dish can help them take care of their pet on the go.

A Handy Grooming Tool

A well-groomed dog is a gift in and of itself. Since grooming appointments can be pricey and personal, a nice at-home grooming tool is a great alternative gift idea for dog owners. A good grooming tool eliminates dirt, removes any dead hair and tangles, and provides a soothing massage that will make their dog’s coat shiny.

Activity Monitor and GPS tracker

All dog owners want their pets to be safe. With a GPS dog tracker, you can eliminate their fear of losing their pet. An activity monitor and GPS tracker notifies you instantly with an email or message when your pet moves out of the designated area.

Baking Molds

If you know a dog who is picky when it comes to food, you might want to give the gift of homemade treats. Baking molds come in fun shapes and can be used to bake delicious dog biscuits or freeze fruit treats for the summer.

A Book about Dog Behavior

Books on dog behavior are one of the best gifts for new dog owners. These books offer detailed information on everything from choosing the right breed to proper care, training, correcting bad behavior, dog food recipes, and more.

Gifts for dog owners are endless and depend on the person you are shopping for and their furry friend. No matter what you choose, your loved ones are sure to thank you for thinking of their whole family over the holidays.