Top Four Cigar Accessories To Buy

Smoking cigars is such a classy and sophisticated hobby, as well as a pastime for many individuals. Cigar usage goes beyond puffing on tobacco, as the robust flavors and aromas can create a favorable experience. Aside from smoking cigars, collecting cigars from various parts of the earth and from different brands is only the beginning of making curating cigars a life-long hobby. While curating and smoking cigars is such an enjoyable hobby, there are countless cigar accessories that can heighten your experiences.




Humidors are boxes, cabins, or rooms crafted to store tobacco products at the desired temperature to keep moisture levels just right. Cigars and the tobacco inside of them require a 21 degree Celsius with 70 percent humidity to ensure the cigars retain their flavor and strength. The ideal temperature is also a tactic to dupe the climate of Cuba. Humidors also protect the cigars from damage and being deteriorated by sunlight. Humidors can be purchased for the home, or simply purchased for travel so it is easier to travel with your cigars.

Cigar Cutters


To ensure you are having the best experience while smoking a cigar, a cigar cutter is essential. While you can simply use a knife to remove the cap from a cigar, utilizing a cigar cutter can create a clean and precise cut, eliminating the jagged edges and tobacco waste that using a knife produces. Cigar cutters are often manual and come in various sizes to accommodate the brand and size of the cigar. Cigar cutters are quite the necessity for handmade cigars.




Ashtrays are quite the accessory that is necessary while smoking cigars. Whether you are at home or in the car, keeping an ashtray around ensures your area is clean and free of ashes. You can purchase ashtrays that are aesthetically pleasing and decorative. Steel and metal cigar ashtrays give off a masculine and modern feel, while the glass and crystal gives off the classy and sophisticated tone. While fancy cigar ashtrays can compliment the decor and theme in the home, there are foldable ashtrays you can purchase for times you are traveling or just simply away from home.


Air Purifiers


While most cigar smokers are enamored with the robust and rich aromas of cigar smoke, their loved ones may think otherwise. Therefore, air purifiers are one of the essential accessories for cigar smokers. Air purifiers are utilized in homes to clear the air of the smell of cigar smoke and odors from the room. The air purifier should be able to filter the air in the desired room 5 times per hour to be fully effective. The particular measurement of filtering for air purifiers is called ACPH, or air charges per hour.


Conclusively, cigar smoking and curating goes beyond simply collecting luxurious cigars. From air purifiers to humidors, purchasing the proper cigar accessories can ensure you are having the best experience with your investments.