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Top Five Tools For Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest blogging is a mutually beneficial technique where an individual writes a blog on another’s website. Guest posting or guest blogging is one of the techniques that still work very well in building backlinks. 

Guest posting is done to increase brand awareness and bring traffic to your website. 60% of bloggers write at least 5 blogs each month on average. 

The main objective of guest posting is to get backlinks that promote your website by guest posts pointing back to your site. 

Identifying the right guest post websites is tough. To streamline your efforts of guest posting and to increase the effectiveness certain tools can help. 


The use of the right tools for improving results works. These tools help by 

  • Saving time. Automated Tools are way faster than manual so time is saved by these tools. 
  • Strengthening Relationships: Effective communication tools strengthen relationships and make them long-lasting. 
  • Making Results Better: Tools help you find the right platforms, ultimately improving results. 

Everyone is in search of the best tools for strategy-making. We have brought 5 top tools to minimize your efforts and maximize your results. 

Five Tools For Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

  1. Ninja Outreach

In the list of best tools, Ninja Outreach can be considered one of the prime SEO automation tools for finding guest posting opportunities. It’s a tool designed for digital marketers and small and large businesses. 

If we talk about the top features of this tool, it offers contact search, email automation, and CRM integration to track your progress. 

Its notable features include an expansive database: having access to millions of influencers and bloggers, social and website analytics: evaluating leads by analysis of social presence, contact relationship management: and tracking of interaction with contacts. 

Ninja helps you find guest post opportunities and influencers and also manages your outreach campaigns. 

  1. BuzzSumo 

One of the essential tools for content strategists is BuzzSumo. This tool provides necessary insights into the most shared content on the internet. By simply putting keywords or domains you can easily track which topics are gaining popularity.  

These insights help to make data-driven decisions. These insights can identify top-performing articles. With the help of this, you can find which websites are available for guest posting. 

Other than providing insights some other features are also associated with this tool such as:

Competitor Analysis: in which you can identify what content is working for them. 

Backlink checking: you can check which backlinks are associated with your reference website.  

Content Alerts: You are notified whenever a keyword is mentioned online. 

  1. PitchBox

Pitchbox is a powerful tool for SEO companies and content marketers to streamline guest posting, link building, and other campaigns. Basically, it automates the process of tracking responses, email outreach, and other campaigns. 

Key features of this tool include. 

  • Automated search that allows to search automatically for websites that offer or allow guest posting. 
  • Advanced filters that narrow down the research by using filters. 
  • Creation of customized email templates to send personalized emails. 
  • Scheduling and automating follow-up emails in order to increase response rates. 

Pitchbox is a platform that focuses on SEO metrics and automation making it the first choice for outreach campaigns. 

  1. Guest Post Tracker 

A tool that provides an organized guest post list of opportunities for various niches. It is an extensively used tool to manage and monitor activities related to guest posting.

A well-crafted guest post tracker keeps tracking published posts, deadlines, and communication with other blogs. This tool was originally created to work with link maps which is also a new link-building strategy.

Guest post tracker has some specific features that make it a useful tool for guest post opportunities.

This tool provides a comprehensive database of websites that accept guest posts saving time and effort in research. through niche specific searches you can filter websites based on specific niches. 

This tool is used to identify where competitors are guest posting. This feature unveils exclusive opportunities to make strategies within the same niche. 

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another dynamic tool for link building, keyword research and site audits, etc. Ahrefs filters results by factors like domain rating or authority, and organic search to find out websites with high domain authority.

Site Explorer is used to analyze the backlink profiles of competitors. These analyses can figure out which websites are accepting guest posts. 

Another smart feature of AHrefs is that it allows you to find broken links on related sites, which gives you a chance to place your post as a replacement.

In addition to this, you can track your competitors for new guest posting opportunities. Setup notification is another feature of Ahrefs used for new mentions of your chosen keywords, that strategy ensures you to target high-authority relevant websites for guest posting. 


When you need to improve your presence digitally through guest posting, make sure to use the right tools that actually work. We have listed the top tools in this guide to streamline your guest posting progress. Upon using these tools, you can effectively discover high-quality guest posting opportunities that are related to your niche, and ultimately achieve your goals of driving more traffic.