Top Five Stablecoins That Can Save You

In today’s time, everyone is talking about blockchains and cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for cryptocurrencies, you are aware of names like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency and Ethereum is the largest altcoin. Any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin is an altcoin. We will not talk about these two largest cryptos. We will talk about altcoins that are stable. These altcoins are known as stablecoins. Stablecoins are stable cryptocurrencies because they are backed by fiat or other valuable items. You can buy them to escape volatility. In this post, you will learn about the top five stablecoins.   

Top Five Stablecoins To Look For In 2022

1. Tether

Tether is also known as USDT because it is the biggest stablecoin that is supported by the US dollar. The ‘USD’ stands for the US dollar and ‘T’ denotes the Tether itself. You will find out that Tether is a stablecoin having the largest market cap. It is the third-largest cryptocurrency. While buying USDT, you can save the profits that have been made from volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can exchange USDT for dollars. Earlier, the SEC tried to investigate crypto. Some experts say that Tether is not tied to the US dollar. However, everything is working fine. 

2. Dai

Dai is a one-of-a-kind stable crypto endorsed and stabilized by the blockchain of Ethereum. This stablecoin is initially placed within the MakerDAO locker, and it then serves as leverage for the customer using the Dai virtual currency. Because the worth of this stablecoin exceeds that of a dollar, the MarketDAO safeguards it by placing it to a dollar at a 1:1 ratio. Once contrasted to Tether, the Dai economy is more turbulent, but it is also very efficacious. Dai is the second stable cryptocurrency that you should look for in 2022. It has a great supply for buyers. 

3. Binance USD 

Binance USD is a stablecoin that is issued by Binance, the largest crypto exchange platform. Many people trust this stable crypto because Binance takes the responsibility of supporting it with the US dollar. No crypto exchange platform is comparable to Binance. Binance trades with hundreds of altcoins besides Bitcoin. That gives an advantage to its stablecoin. If you trade with Binance, there are chances that you will get Binance USD for exchange. This facility is not provided by other stablecoins that are on this list. If you are using Binance, you should Binance USD. Its price is close to a dollar. 

4. USD Coin

USD coin is a well-known stable crypto that is granted by Centre, a partnership between Coinbase and Circle. It is much similar to USDT because it is also backed by the US dollar. However, the applications that are related to this stablecoin are more focused on decentralized finance. If you do not find USDT and other stablecoin, you can choose USD coins. A USD coin is supported by a dollar. One thing to note is that the USD coin should not be your first choice. That is why I have listed this stable cryptocurrency after USDT, Binance USD and Dai. 

5. Neutrino USD

This is the last crypto on the list of stable cryptocurrencies. Neutrino USD is a crypto-backed type of cryptocurrency based on an algorithm. The US dollar backs this stable cryptocurrency. This stable cryptocurrency is used for collateralization, staking, issuance and reward distributions. The apps that are available with Neutrino USD are also transparent, with smart contracts securing their governance. Neutrino USD is not known to everyone because it ranks low. Also, its supply in the market is not too high. You can still approach the market to exchange it with your crypto. From time to time, you may face the problem of liquidity. 

The Potential Of Stable Cryptocurrencies

Stablecoin adoption may help promote the application of virtual assets as a means of exchange for normal monetary transactions and other purposes. Stablecoins might be used to exchange products and services across blockchain systems, as well as in decentralized insurance services, derivatives agreements, financial uses like consumer loans, and forecasting services. Any unstable crypto is unsuitable for these uses because the unpredictability creates the danger of loss for transaction parties. Many countries are trying to work on them. However, just like the Bitcoin technical analysis today, you shall not get a breakdown of them. They will be controlled by governments. 

Final Thoughts

In this post, you have seen the top five stablecoins. Tether will be your first choice because it has the highest market cap. It is already the third-largest crypto and the largest stablecoin. If Tether is not available, you can buy other stable cryptos I have listed above. Day traders may find no use in stablecoins because they are looking for quick profits for a day only. Others who want to HODL Bitcoin and Ethereum can buy Tether. Binance USD is also a good option since Binance takes care of it. You must analyze your stablecoin before proceeding.

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