Top Five Digital Marketing Nightmares and its Solutions

After finishing campaigns with your agency, you feel so excited about the outcome of your digital marketing strategy. But what if, you wake up and you learn you are living in your nightmare where your campaign has failed big time after a long week studying the trends.

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In reality, the nightmares may exist in digital marketing. In this industry, there are lots of ups and downs as changes are inevitable. There are days you garner a lot of visitors on your website and more followers like your Facebook page. But there are days the development of your marketing is in the flatline.

Unfortunately, during the downtime, you will experience a temporary decrease in traffic or conversions. Although mistakes are sometimes inevitable, however, it could wind up becoming a nightmare for your brand and may put the company’s reputation on the line.

As technology evolves faster, these nightmares can happen in an instant. Apart from avoiding, why not learn how to respond to them and find the solutions?

Five Digital Marketing Nightmares and Solutions

1. Issues with the product

A perfect product does not exist in this world. But as a marketer, you need to present the product’s pros. Although you see and try the product with no issue, the manufacturing or the shipping service may have overseen the faulty batch.

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Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube may either give good publicity or create a disaster on your brand. With the help of technology like these, it is easier for consumers to express their opinion on social media platforms.

There are many ways to review products, including writing blogs, writing a lengthy post on Facebook status, tweeting on Twitter, and vlogging on Youtube. When a bad review has started becoming viral, many of your audience will follow the content, and more disaster will follow, including rants.

Possible solutions:

The first thing you should do is to gain control of the problem as early as possible. For example, if you’ve received complaints about defects, inform the department responsible for stopping the production. In this way, the company prevents selling defective products.

For public relation damage control, the best way to stop the noise in social media regarding defective products is to release an apology letter. It should be short and sincere.

By admitting the mistake, you prove your credibility and show and humbleness.

2. Offended audience

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Sometimes creative content may offend some portions of your audience. Although copywriters have no intentions to offend anyone, no one can control the emotions, and you can’t even instruct them how to interpret the copy.


Your only solution here is damage control. In this case, you need to take down the post. Although many of the online users have downloaded the copy or have screenshot your post, by deleting it, you show them that you acknowledge the mistake.

After deleting the post, release an apology letter.

3. People know you are lying

Sometimes, due to intending to produce creative content, you did not notice that there’s a different interpretation to the audience. The end-result comes not good and appears you are lying.

Copies that are prone to PR disasters are an inaccurate statistic,  inaccurate claims, and announcing a speculative launch date that you ended up having to delay.  In the digital age, it is not easy to get away with these disasters.


To avoid the disasters above, assign a person responsible for QA (quality assurance). By having a QA, you will prevent wrong information before releasing the copy.

In case the damage has been done, the only way to solve it is to admit your mistakes-it shows humility.

4. No matter how much effort you give, your competitor is outdoing you

The game of marketing is competitive, and it is like you’ve joined in the marathon-your goal is to outrun your competitors using your creative mind.

Unfortunately, there are times luck is not cooperating with you. You thought you were the only one who had this creative idea, but when you wake up, your competitors have outdone your pitch.


There is no shortcut way to outpass your competitors. What you can do to survive the game is step up your efforts. Depending on the requirements of a campaign, you may need to increase your budget to produce better content, ads, and values for your customers.

Instead of aiming to outdo competitors’ copies, it is better to remove yourself from the competition and make the brand different among others. Always think of finding ways to make the brand stand out by focussing a different niche or targeting a different audience.

5. No ROI

Probably, this is the worst nightmare among marketing people. Although you have an excellent campaign and gain a lot of followers because you get influencers with wide followers, sadly, you only earn a few sales.

Receiving nothing from the campaign is one of the inevitable problems, especially for start-ups. Remember, business is like playing in a casino-you will take a risk to get the luck.


If the brand is new, marketers should expect that it is difficult to promote it. It will take time before the audience acknowledges it exists. Accept the reality that you need a budget to produce quality content and receive a few sales.

Learn when to launch a campaign with a large budget and be updated with digital marketing. As a marketer, it is important to inform the boss/client regarding the status of the brand and educate them about the current digital trends.

In this way, you know to set a feasible target ROI. Soon, you will learn more marketing strategies and establish followers.

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