Top Fitness Goals for 2021

The new year is about to arrive, which means it’s time for all of us to consider our fitness goals for the coming twelve months. From stamina to strength, flexibility to balance, there are so many potential objectives you could lay out for 2021. Here are eight realistic and attainable goals you could set your set for the new year.

Get Serious About Stretching


Flexibility makes you feel a lot better and helps avoid workout-related injuries. Unfortunately, far too many people overlook this aspect of physical fitness. Make stretching a regular part of your 2021 routine if you want to increase your flexibility and overall well-being.

Perfect Five Yoga Poses


Yoga provides a fantastic way to increase strength and flexibility while improving your mental health. It’s a relaxing and rewarding practice that has been proven to have considerable positive effects. You don’t need to become a full time yogi to reap the benefits. Start by practicing five basic poses and mastering them by the end of the year.

Sprint (As Well As Jog)


While jogging is a great way to burn calories and improve your cardio, sprinting can be even more beneficial. If you really want to elevate your heart rate and strengthen your legs, incorporate a quick spring into your runs over the coming year. It’ll be hard at first, but once you push through the initial pain you’ll be much better off for it.

Find A Workout Partner


Not only is exercising with a buddy more fun, but it also holds you accountable and helps you stick to a routine. If you don’t have a workout partner for now, see if you can find one by the end of the year. You won’t have to be pushy; if you just mention that you’re in the market for a buddy, some friend, relative, or colleague is likely to step up.

Master Common Swimming Strokes


Swimming is a great way to get exercise without putting unnecessary strain on your body. While running and weight training can do a number on your joints, swimming is relatively painless. Find your nearest pool and make swimming a regular part of your routine. Start with the crawl, the simplest of the strokes, and then add other styles to your repertoire for a more complete workout.

Perfect Your Push-up Form


If your push-up form is still lacking, let 2021 be the year you finally figure it out. Push-ups are a wonderful exercise because they work your core, arms, and shoulders at the same time. In order to fully benefit, however, you need to use proper form. “Real” push-ups might be harder, but that’s because they’re working your muscles like they’re supposed to.

Plank For A Whole Minute


The plank is the quintessential core exercise because it requires the use of all your core muscles. It is also safe and simple, making it ideal for workout novices. While most beginners can only plank for twenty or thirty seconds, you should be able to build up to a minute if you keep at it.

Maintain A Consistent Routine


In order to really benefit from all this exercise, you need to stick with it through thick and thin. Far too many people set themselves ambitious goals but quit after only a week. This year, make the consistency of your routine a goal in itself. If you keep the momentum going for long enough, what was once a new year’s resolution will become a permanent lifestyle change.

These aren’t the only possible fitness goals, but they’re certainly among the best. If you set these objectives and stick to them, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.