Top Female Chefs of the Caribbean

Female Chefs-Patrice Harris-Henry :

With a degree in Food Service Production and Management, Harris-Henry is a culinary magician, morphing indigenous foods into wonderful creations. “As a Jamaican woman from humble beginnings, my first foray into cooking was resourceful as a matter of necessity,” explains Harris-Henry. As a trained educator and Executive Chef of The Reggae Chefs’ hunger charity, Mission: Food Possible Harris-Henry trains food insecure Jamaican communities to see locally-growing foods as versatile and delicious instruments to alleviate hunger and malnutrition. Ask Jamaican chef Patrice Harris-Henry the same question and she will tell you she sees roast breadfruit, fried breadfruit, breadfruit salads, breadfruit pies, breadfruit fritters, breadfruit porridge, breadfruit lasagne, breadfruit soup, breadfruit juice, curried breadfruit… She can go on all day if you let her.

Alisha Stoute :

Alisha Stouter is the most famous Female Chefs in the Caribbean. She produces a lot of special menus for the clients. As the executive chef at Eco Lifestyle & Lodge, a retreat and restaurant in the Barbados village of Bathsheba, Stoute (a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa) uses the land and sea as her grocery store.

Often overshadowed by jerk chicken and oxtail stew, plant-based Caribbean food is not on most travelers’ radars. Alisha Stouter is changing that. Look for dishes like green falafel, made with mooring and spinach, served alongside coconut-and-cashew vegan labneh, black-sesame sauce, cucumber salad, and grilled flatbread. She works in most of the famous places of the world .

Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau :

Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau have worn many hats in the culinary world: authoring award-winning cookbooks, hosting television shows, and running various restaurants in their home country, Jamaica. The sisters call themselves storytellers and preservers of Caribbean culture — all inspired by the recipes of the women in their family. They currently own and operate Harmony Hall, an 1886 house on a former sugar plantation outside Ocho Rios that is now a National Heritage Trust site. It includes Island Magnolia, a concept store that celebrates Caribbean artisanship, and their restaurant Summerhouse. The menu focuses on seasonal produce and island spices and herbs. This food — like the coal-pot goat roti with coconut, white rum, and pineapple-mango salsa — is meant to be shared. Both these Female Chefs sisters work with most reputation ally.

Conclusion : Female Chefs  have long ruled the kitchens of the Caribbean, but sadly the restaurants of the region do not depict this norm. Surveys have revealed anywhere between 7 percent and 20 percent female representation within the global restaurant sector— the Caribbean is no exception to this reality. There are many female chefs in the Caribbean. But I found the top three female chefs in the Caribbean. They all are renowned people all over the world among all Caribbean chefs.

Source by:   HeftyBerry Store