Top Features of A Single Storey House

Building your dream home can be pretty exciting if you know what you are looking for. Making your home from scratch gives you the rare opportunity to choose and include all the elements that you always wanted in your house.

As a homeowner, you get to choose the design of the house, the wall colours, standard inclusions, and house inclusions you’d like to add. However, the first thing that you would need to decide on is the house design.

Single Storey Home Design Sydney – A Modern Home with Long-Lasting Charm

All the other elements in your home, like the colour theme and interior decor, can be easily changed or updated from time to time. However, the floor plan is another story. While it can be changed or updated, the process is highly time-consuming and expensive.

These days, most homeowners are looking to build a modern home that utilizes space to the fullest, is functional, and is affordable. Thus, home builders in Sydney offer floor plans for single storey house designs that incorporate the factors that modern families prefer in their forever homes.

Single storey home designs in Sydney have gained rapid popularity in the real estate market for cost-efficiency, affordability, and timeless charm. There are several reasons why homeowners have fallen for this home design. Let’s explore some advantages of building a single-storey house in Sydney

5 Reasons to Choose Single Storey Home Designs Sydney

Perfect for All Ages:

Single-storey homes are perfect for all kinds of families. Single-storey houses are ideal whether you are a family with kids or aged individuals with mobility issues as they don’t come with staircases. 

Stairs can be precarious, especially for families with bubs and older residents. With one-storey homes, you can avoid potential risks and perils that otherwise would become a disadvantage for your family. 

Apart from the risk of injuries, staircases also take up a significant amount of space and time to build. You can avoid all these nuisances by going for a one-storey home plan.

Spacious Open Floor Plans:

Open floor plans are hands down a favourite among Aussies homeowners. Open floor plans were first introduced in the Australian real estate market in the 1950s, and since then, it has been a top choice.

With an open plan, you will get considerable space, including the “family triangle”. Open floor plans for a single storey house design merge the open kitchen, dining, and family triangle into one large area. Large windows streaming ample sunlight and vaulted ceilings make the space look more extensive and airier.

Visiting display homes in Sydney is the best way to experience first-hand what living in an open-floor single-storey house would feel like. Kurmond’s display homes in Sydney are one of the best places to look into if you want to build a home.


Cost is a significant influencer in every purchase decision, and that stands true for building a home as well. Suppose you want to make a house fitted with all standard inclusions within your budget. In that case, single-storey home designs are just the thing for you.

One-storey floor plans can cut down your building costs by 10 to 15 per cent as it does not involve the construction of extensive structures. Furthermore, compared to multi-storey houses, single-storey homes require fewer building materials, saving you almost $50,000.

You would also cut down on heating as installing and managing temperature regulation in multi-storey homes is far more expensive than in single-storey homes.

Easy Maintenance:

Maintaining a single-storey home is far less arduous and time-consuming. Whether you want to change the interior decor, paint the exterior walls, or clean the roof, it is easier to accomplish the tasks in a one-storey home.

Energy Efficient Home Plan:

Single-storey floor plans come with fewer walls. The kitchen, dining, and living room are built on a single open space surrounded by the bedrooms and bathrooms. Moreover, the lack of a staircase also contributes to the open floor plan. 

The ample open space facilitates natural air circulation that helps keep the house cool and is relatively easy to heat up in the winters. You do not need to invest in complex and expensive thermal regulation systems for comfort.

Final Word:

Building your home is a significant investment decision. It would be best to consider your long-term and short-term plans and your family’s preferences before opting for house design. If you want a single-storey home of your own, many builders in Sydney can help you achieve your dream.