Top Essential Skills For Project Managers

It is important to understand the role of a project manager before we understand the skills required by a project manager to execute the projects successfully. The role of a project manager is critical to achieve the project’s objectives. It is visible throughout the project by way of the project manager leading a project  team to deliver the project, effectively and efficiently. Some project managers get involved in the project right from the initiation of the project and stay until the end of the project. Some are involved to evaluate & analyze the project before initiation, business case development, improve organizational performance or meet customer needs. The role of a project manager is tailored according to the needs of the projects and structure of the organization. Upgrade your project managers skills by simply enrolling in Project Management PMP Certification Training Preparation Course by techcanvass for a structured approach to crack pmp examination in 1st attempt.

Skills Of A Project Manager

It has been shown through research that there are certain essential skills which successful project managers use consistently. The most important of these are displaying a positive attitude while demonstrating superior relationship and communication skills.

PMI uses The PMI Talent Triangle ® to showcase the skills needed by project managers. The talent triangle focuses on three crucial skill sets:

1.       Technical Project Management

2.       Strategic and Business Management

3.       Leadership

Technical Project Management Skills

It shows the technical aspect of performing one’s role as a project manager. The skills which are required to effectively deliver the desired outcomes of projects are defined as technical project management skills. Some of the technical project management skills that a successful project manager shows include the ability to:

  • Focus on and manage the critical success factors for the project including schedule, cost, risk, quality, resource, etc
  • Tailor the processes, tools and techniques for both traditional and agile methods for each project

Strategic And Business Management Skills

The skills which are required to effectively negotiate & implement decisions and actions that support strategic alignment and innovation of the organization, to develop and apply necessary product & industry expertise, and to have working knowledge of other functions such as finance, marketing, and operations are defined as Strategic and business management skills. Project managers should be knowledgeable about the business to be able to:

1.       Understand and elaborate to others the essential business aspects of a project;

2.       Develop an appropriate project delivery strategy while working with the project sponsor, team, and subject matter experts

3.       Implement that strategy for maximizing the business value of the project.

4.       Align the project with the organizational Strategy, Mission, Goals & objectives, Products & services, Priority, and Operations

5.       Know The market and the market condition, such as customers, state of the market and Competition

6.       Consider the factors such as Risk & issues, Financial Implications, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Business Value, Scope, Budget, Schedule & Quality which affect the project while understanding the interrelationship between the project and the organization.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills involve the ability of a project manager to manage, guide, motivate and direct people. These skills include competencies such as negotiation, resilience, communication, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Besides these, it includes project managers’ understanding of team’s behaviours and psychology.

Some of the qualities & skills a project manager should demonstrate are: she should be visionary, optimistic, and collaborative. She should be able to manage relationships and conflict by building trust among the team members, satisfy their concerns, seek consensus, balance competing & opposing goals of stakeholders, develop & nurture personal & professional networks, and take a holistic & systemic view of the project, the organization and internal & external factors. She should be able to set & manage expectations, accept feedback graciously & give feedback constructively, exhibit integrity and sensitivity to different cultures, be courageous, a problem solver, and decisive. She should be able to focus on critical items in a project.

The project manager should be able to deal with politics which involves influence, negotiation, autonomy & power. She should be able to understand how the organization works and to observe & to collect data about the project and the organization. She should be able to review the data in the context of the project, the people involved, the organization and the environment which would help her to implement the right kind of power to influence and negotiate with others. She works hard to acquire the power and authority she needs within the boundaries of organizational policies, protocols, & procedures. Successful project managers are proactive and intentional when it comes to power & authority.

The project manager can exhibit various kinds of powers such as positional, informational, referent, situational, relational, charismatic, persuasive, ingratiating, etc. Besides these powers, project managers demonstrate different styles of leadership depending on the situation. The leadership styles could be Laissez-faire, Transactional, Transformational, Charismatic and interactional. They also act as Servant leaders.

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