Top Entertainment Blogs You Must Read In 2023

The greatest entertainment blogs are a must-read if you enjoy reading compromising material and keeping up with the personal lives of your favorite performers, sportsmen, and singers. To stay up to date on all the latest news from Hollywood, television, and other sectors, subscribe to your favorite entertainment news websites.

There are many news blogs available right now, but not all of them publish the most important and fascinating news. We’ve put together a list of the top entertainment blogs that you can check out to be informed about the most recent events, controversies, humorous tales, and successes in the worlds of cinema, music, and television.


By reading this entertainment site, you may discover articles on fashion, beauty, travel, and the daily lives of celebrities. The addition of video and images to every post is fantastic for readers who get tired of reading simple text. The good news is that by installing the mobile app for Android or iOS, you may read the TMZ blog directly from your mobile device as well.

The A.V Club:

One of the most well-known news and entertainment websites is AV Club. It belongs to the G/O Media network of websites, which also includes The Onion, Gizmodo, Kotaku, and others. The fact that this blog has been around for 20 years and still has news from 2002, which you can visit from a unique map and recall those times, is its finest feature. More than 100 pieces are published each month by a huge group of skilled authors who work on a variety of subjects, from evaluations of new applications to blog entries for web and graphic designers.

Entertainment Tonight:

This site is focused on geek culture and includes information about films, TV series, musicians, and other aspects of the entertainment industry. There is a section with opinion pieces that discusses fashion, collectibles, book and movie sequel announcements, and more. Visit the YouTube channel for a wealth of informative and entertaining video content if you enjoy watching it.


If you want up-to-date information about the lifestyles of celebrities, prominent TV series, everything in the world of cinema and music, as well as fashion shows, this is one of the greatest entertainment blogs. Together with written pieces, you may also discover video reports and interviews on the most significant figures in Hollywood and elsewhere. You may stay up to date on the most relevant news by using the brief TOP of the articles for today.


The most dependable source of entertainment and business news worldwide is Variety. You may get entertainment news, movie reviews, details on accolades, film festivals, top films at the box office, comparisons, and conferences for the entertainment business. Also, you may select the appropriate area if you reside in Asia or the USA and want to read articles about your region.