A Brief About Some of the Top Dermatologists in Chennai

A dermatologist identifies any issue in the nails, skin, or hair, and suggests an appropriate treatment. People face a lot of skin problems like acne, discoloration, rashes, sunburn, eczema, skin cancer, dandruff, itching, and many more. Having clean skin not only looks beautiful but is also an indication of good health and hygiene. If you are staying in Chennai, the extreme heat and summer are sure to have adverse effects on your skin. It is necessary to take care of your skin and undergo frequent check-ups. If you reside in Chennai and want to visit a dermatologist, here is the list.

Here are some of the best dermatology clinics in Chennai:

Kosmoderma skin clinic:

  • This clinic houses some of the best and experienced dermatologists. Various kinds of skin diseases and issues are treated at this clinic. Treatments like de-tanning, skin lightening procedures, body contouring, reshaping, and hair transplantation, and many more are available at this center. Starting from consultation, diagnosis, treatment, to after-care, they ensure all-round care. If you are staying in Chennai and are looking for a good skin clinic, your search ends here. 
  • Kosmoderma is one of the best clinics as they offer effective and economically viable treatments. All the products used by them have undergone a global test in the USA, India, and Europe. They offer quality and safe treatment procedures. Book an appointment today to get a remedy for your problem and experience the best care possible.

Mahi skin and hair care clinic:

  • Mahi dermatology clinic offers a wide range of treatments like anti-aging treatment, stretch marks treatment, bridal skincare solutions, a cure for skin infections like Eczema, erasing skin tags and tattoos, and many more. Dr. Deepika listens to the problems of every patient and suggests the best cure possible. She has experience and expertise in this field and successfully carried out numerous surgeries and even complicated treatments. The skin clinic uses advanced treatment methods and the latest equipment to provide the best care possible for the patient. 

Sree Skin Hair and cosmetic clinic:

  • Dr. Saravanan, who sits in this clinic, has more than 15 years of experience and has carried out numerous complicated laser and cosmetic surgery. The clinic offers various skin care procedures like skin tightening, skin lightening, hair fall treatment, Cryosurgery, PRP, and many more treatments. The clinic provides effective solutions to all kinds of hair, skin, and nail problems. For a reasonable price, the clinic provides quality treatment to its patients. A patient can experience effective and pain-free treatment. 

Curves cosmetic clinic:

  • This is one of the best dermatology clinics and houses some of the top dermatologists in Chennai. The team of surgeons and doctors have years of experience and provide all kinds of effective treatment for the betterment of skin, hair, and nails. Be it laser, plastic surgery, or cosmetic treatment; their dermatologist team handles it efficiently. 
  • Some of the major treatments offered by this clinic include fat reduction, face whitening, full-body tightening, facelift, micro-needling, and many more. Apart from general skin treatments, the clinic also offers body reshaping and reduction surgeries. The clinic offers quality and safe treatment for a reasonable price. 

Render skin and hair clinic:

  • This clinic offers the most advanced skincare treatments. The skin care treatments and surgeries are carried out by Dr. Renita Ranjan, who is one of the top dermatologists in Chennai. The clinic offers numerous treatments like laser hair removal, hair loss treatment, hair replacement surgeries, skin repair and rejuvenation, body reshaping, and many more. All the treatments and surgeries are carried out in a safe environment under the guidance of the experienced doctor. 
  • The patients can receive a practical solution and quality treatment to any problem for nominal charges. 

Bottom Line

  • These were some of the Top Dermatologists in Chennai. The clinics house good doctors who offer quality treatment at these centers and cure any issue completely. Most of these clinics use the latest technology and hassle-free treatment techniques and provide a pain-free experience to the patient. These clinics offer guaranteed results under reasonable price.

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