Top Data Scientist Skills That Guarantee a Successful Career

In today’s time as the demand for data scientists increases, it has become more interesting to pursue this career. Data scientists are professionals who perform problem-solving tasks for their teams. They develop models and theories that help in forecasting solutions to potential problems. 

Data scientist’s skills include the use of data to figure out what questions teams should be asking and give them answers by making algorithms and data strategies to predict possible outcomes. 

Data Scientists have had a huge growth rate of 37% (source- Glassdoor). Due to this, the demand for data scientists has increased in various industries. This catalyzes the growth of data science skills which ensures that there is high discipline maintained in the data science industry. Companies are more interested in investing in data scientists who have an ample number of data science skills as that signifies their high potential. Data scientists work on major key aspects which include Data preparation, Data mining, Machine learning, Predictive modeling, Statistical analysis, Data visualization, and so on. 

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

  • Choosing which sources of data to use in analyses
  • Putting together algorithms to collect data
  • Organizing and cleaning up data
  • How to find patterns in data
  • Making reports about trends in data
  • Putting together suggestions for company leaders and other important people

Applications of Data Science

  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Fraud and Risk Detection 
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Airline Route Planning 

Top Data Science Skills

1. Data Cleaning and Wrangling

Data cleaning and wrangling are ways to get raw data into a format that can be used for analysis. When you ask a data scientist what they do, one of the first things they will say is that they clean and organize data. Data rarely comes to you in a clean, easy-to-analyze form, so it’s important to know how to clean it up. Cleaning and organizing data ensures that your analysis is reliable and keeps people from coming to the wrong conclusions.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the emerging data science skills that lets the system automatically learn from past activities. There are algorithms that use data from the past as input to make predictions about the upcoming time. By using machine learning, data scientists can perform many sorts of techniques to build and improve the predictive and prescriptive models of the data.

3. Data Visualization

Data scientists may need to explain and talk about their findings to both technical and non-technical audiences. Data Visualization helps people with limited technical knowledge, like team leaders and corporate decision-makers, understand trends and patterns in data quickly and with brief explanations.

4. Data Modeling & Management

Data modeling and data management is the use of mathematical models to represent data and keep data accurate, useful, and quality. As a data scientist, it will be your job to make sure that data is structured and organized in a way that is easy to use. Data modeling and management is one of the most important skills for data scientists that help them to work with data, ensure that it’s correct, and make decisions based on it.

Best Data Science Courses


The United States Data Science Institute® (USDSI®) is one of the organizations that offers long-term value because it shows that you have the knowledge and expertise employers seek. The USDSI® Data Science Advisory Board (DSAB), which includes CTOs, CIOs, and Data Scientists, in addition to the leading authorities and data science influencers in the field, developed the content of the CDSP™ certification program.

CDSP™ is a self-paced and agile Data Science Program that can help you boost your Data Science Skills. By enrolling in this program, you will get a self-study kit worth up to US $625 for FREE.

Personalized ebooks and HQ quality videos by top subject matter experts will be provided which will help you to gain all required skills for data scientists. After the completion of the course, you will get a downloadable certificate, which will be available on your dashboard known as a dgBadge.

  • Program Fees: US $687 – All Inclusive (Get up to 10% discount under the SuperEd Program.)
  • Program Duration: 4-25 Weeks (8-10 Hours per Week)
  • Resources Included: Study Books, E-learning, Practice Codes and much more
  • Total Modules: 8
  • Format: Self Placed

2. John Hopkins University

The Data Science Master’s degree program powered by Johns Hopkins University is a full-time, on-campus program that will teach you practical math, statistics, and computer science during the program. During the program, they will help you learn and experiment with various tools of AI and ML. Their program aims to develop the next level of data science geeks by enhancing their skills on another level.

3. Harvard University, Cambridge

The Data Science Master’s program at Harvard University focuses on machine learning, statistical modeling, optimization, data analysis and management, and data acquisition. Their focus is to teach how to analyze data in a repeatable manner, exhibit and discuss data, solve problems with others, and deal with ethical and security issues that arise in data science.


Becoming a data scientist is difficult because of the fierce competition. But if you want to be a good data scientist, these 6 data science skills are essential. The interesting part is that you can learn many of these skills by yourself by enrolling in the above-mentioned courses. Start upskilling today!