Top criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada


A criminal charge against you dramatically affects your life, especially for a crime you have not even committed. Facing numerous legal penalties and reactions from your loved ones makes life quite stressful and confusing.

This is why having a criminal defense attorney by your side is crucial if you’re charged with any crime that needs your appearance in court. A criminal defense attorney will research all the facts, investigate your case, prepare all your important documents, and negotiate your case in front of the jury.

Your attorney will get the false charges off you or minimize your punishment so you can continue to live your free and reputable life.

Qualities of a top criminal defense attorney

Choosing your criminal defense attorney is the most critical decision of your life. Your career, reputation, and even life can depend on it. Your attorney should possess the qualities necessary for an excellent criminal defense lawyer. 


The top criminal defense lawyers have enough experience in their field to navigate your case professionally. A defense attorney with years of experience is likelier to win the case than someone new in the field.

Excellent communication skills

Communication skills involve listening to the client and presenting the case before the jury. The top criminal defense attorneys have exceptional communication skills, which enable them to convey their message efficiently inside and outside the courtroom.


Showing perseverance is another integral part of being a top criminal defense attorney. Always choose an attorney who is persistent in defending your case even if the odds are not in your favor.


Being a criminal defense attorney, it is sometimes necessary to get aggressive. Aggression helps the lawyer fight confidently and not let the other party take advantage of you. A top criminal defense attorney knows when to be bold and when to be patient to bring out the best results.


A top criminal defense attorney always keeps client confidentiality their priority. All personal information regarding the client is secretive and should not be discussed with external sources. 

Who is the top criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Many lawyers have tried to establish their law firms in Las Vegas, Nevada, out of which very few have successfully provided the best service and made a reputable name in the community. Chandon Alexander of Spartacus Law Firm is a name that ranks among the top criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas.

Chandon Alexander is ranked among the top 10 attorneys in Las Vegas. He is an active member of the National Trial Lawyers Association, Clark County Bar Association, American Bar Association, the Nevada Justice Association, and the founding member of Spartacus Law Firm.

He has an experience of 10+ years of working as a criminal defense attorney. His expertise extends not just to fighting against white-collar crime accusations but also to DUI Defense, Domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. 

Another core value of the firm and Chandon is protecting client information at all costs. While working with Spartacus Law Firm, you will not have to worry about your private data being leaked to anyone. 

His work is dedicated to protecting his client’s rights and working with them without any biases, which also lays the foundation of the firm’s core values. Their professional team of workers is always available at service. He is rated as the top criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a response time of only 10 minutes and a 100 percent response rate.