Top Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Roseville

Summers in Roseville are hot and humid, and cleaning your home in such a climate can feel like a chore. So with summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time for house cleaning before it gets too hot with below cleaning mistakes.

But if you are planning to clean the house yourself without professional help, there are many errors you can make. While many won’t cause much harm, few of them can lead to permanent damage if you are not careful.

Here, in this article, we have listed these mistakes to help you avoid them when you are cleaning your house.

  1. Rubbing Stains  Instead Of Blotting

When you notice a stain, we understand that your first instinct is to wipe every inch of the stain savagely. But you must resist this urge. By using too much force, you make the spot a permanent fixture on your carpet or upholstered furniture and ruin their delicate fibers.

To avoid this, you should always dab the stain and let the cleaning solution work on the bloats. Using a clean cloth to blot the stain will absorb it and prevent it from spreading further. After this, you can use an appropriate cleaning method to remove the spot.

But if the stain is on a delicate carpet, and you have already rubbed the stain. The only way to save your carpet will be to seek help from experts providing professional carpet cleaning in Roseville. Even then, you can suffer permanent discoloration. So it is best not to rub stains and face the consequences.

  1. Using Abrasives On Tiles

A common mistake many homeowners make while cleaning tile and grout is using abrasives like steel, wool,  and scouring pads. These abrasives destroy the delicate finish of the tiles and even damage the grout lines between them.

Due to these abrasives, grout becomes weak and more prone to water damage and staining. You can also count harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia as abrasives because they have similar damaging effects on the tiles.

Professionals providing tile and grout cleaning in Roseville recommend using homemade solutions to clean your tile and grout surfaces without damaging them. These solutions can include white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. But if you still don’t get desired results, it may be time to call the pros.

  1. Not Testing the Solutions Before Use

Have you ever urgently searched for “ Carpet cleaning near me” because you used the wrong cleaning product and stained or discolored your carpet? If yes, you are not alone. Many homeowners use any product on their carpets, upholstery, or tiles without even testing it first.

Not testing the homemade or store-bought cleaning mistakes solutions before using them can do more harm than the stain they are trying to clean. A good strategy to prevent this is to test the solutions on a small hidden part of the item you are trying to clean it from.

Pour two to three drops of the cleaning supply on the surface and notice signs of staining or discolorations. If they are present, replace the solution. If they are not, you are good to go.

  1. Cleaning From the Ground Up

Where do you usually start your cleaning routine from? Is it from the top or bottom? While these two approaches can look similar, there is a correct one between them, and it’s cleaning from the top approach.

The rationale behind this is that if you start with cleaning everything on the ground, like carpet, upholstery, and flooring, it will eventually get dirty when you clean the ceiling, closets, and shelves. And you will have to clean all over again.

Therefore, starting your cleaning from the top is the method recommended by the pros to avoid wasting your time. It is also the approach that will give you the most results. 

  1. Not Emptying the Vacuum

Most Mistakes we make during house cleaning are due to negligence. An example of this is forgetting to empty the contents of the vacuum before reusing it. While this looks like an innocent mistake, it can render the entire cleaning mistakes process useless if the vacuum overflows during the cleaning.

You can prevent this by emptying the vacuum bag into a trash can after every cleaning and checking it for fullness before you start to clean. These small measures can save you from having to reclean everything again.

  1. Cleaning Windows on Sunny Days

Sunny days are the worst days you can pick for cleaning the windows. Why? 

The glare from the sun can irritate your eyes and make it difficult to see the streaks on the window. Also, the heat from the sun will make the cleaning solution evaporate quickly, not giving it sufficient time to remove dirt and grime from the window.

As a result, smudges and streaks will appear more prominent on the windows.  You may also experience discomfort while cleaning the window on a sunny day. So it is best to do your window cleaning on a cool, cloudy day to avoid all the side effects.