Top Cities To Advance Your Sales Career in 2021

The best place to advance your sales career is in a city with high compensation and long-term growth potential. It can be challenging, however, to determine the right city for you due to different factors such as territory size or economic stability.

There are several places where you could end up being successful in cities with strong territories which offer lots of benefits, like higher pay and more opportunities over time–but how do we determine which one is best? You might consider whether the environment will match your skillset if they have a stable economy; low crime rates; and plenty of job openings in related industries (such as tech if you’re an engineer).

San Jose 

The city of San Jose is unlike any other. There are places to explore, restaurants to satisfy every craving, and an array of new events year-round. When it comes to the ideal location where real estate prices are high but there are always events nearby, San Jose would be perfect.

Although there may be more exciting events in San Francisco than anyone could possibly attend or find time for, many still prefer to live in Silicon Valley due to its close proximity to both coasts as well as its ease of access from everywhere around the world without too much traffic when traveling locally. What is the best part about this area – besides all the beautiful scenery? Rent

San Francisco

Living in San Francisco means you have a wide variety of opportunities for work. Silicon Valley is only an hour and half away, so it’s easy to commute back and forth if need be.

Living in the San Francisco also means that you can work for companies and clients based both Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Employers often provide transportation, so commuters are free to live where they please while working as long as it isn’t too far away from their destination.


Boston is the perfect place for a salesperson who wants to have an immediate impact on their career. With companies such as Staples, Liberty Mutual, and EMC Corp., this city has something for everyone. Plus it’s home of top-ranked schools like Harvard University and MIT which offer plenty of opportunities in diverse fields so you can find your passion.

Boston is the perfect destination for salespeople who want to be part of a culture that values innovation and long-term career development. The city’s economy relies on both start-ups as well as iconic companies, making it an ideal place for ambitious people looking to build their rĂ©sumĂ© with employers like GE or Genzyme.

New York City

There are over 100,000 salespeople in New York City who can’t hit their quota. However, the best of them – A-players – have a lot more to offer and stand out from the crowd with an average base salary of $60k carrying up to a $30k bonus for junior positions.

Many people find it hard to imagine living anywhere else. In New York City, you can pursue any career path and take in all the culture this city has to offer. With unmatched opportunities for success – from climbing corporate ladders or making art – no wonder most of us would never want to live elsewhere.


If you want to make tons of money, Dallas is the place for you. There are 252 jobs available per 100,000 residents and with its affordability in homes and low cost living it’s a great city to consider moving too.

Dallas-Fort Worth is a booming city with many opportunities for B2B sales professionals. The defense contracting,Dallas sales recruiting agencies , aviation and financial sectors are all thriving in this area (Dallas). As Dallas continues to grow its relationship with the technology sector it will be able to attract more entrepreneurs who see DFW as an attractive ecosystem of their own.