Top cities in the world to visit this summer

According to various research think like Euromonitor International, it has been found that almost 47% of all the travelers are attracted by the Most visited city in the world.  If you are a travel blogger or casual vacationer or belong to any travel industry then it becomes essential for you to study the most visited cities in the world. to get reliable information about the most visited City you should follow the reliable source that provides the exact information about the same. In this article, we have come off with the most visited cities in the world and what makes them attractive for the visitors to visit there.


According to our research, we have found that Bangkok tops the list of the most visited cities in the world. It is the capital of Thailand and holds the record of whooping around 22 million international Travellers every year.  The beautiful beaches and free life enjoyed by the people make it the main center of attraction for the visitors. Mainly the nightlife of Bangkok is so much fun that every person wants to visit once in his or her lifetime. If you want to enjoy life to the fullest then you must visit this place.

2. London

The vibrant capital of England London is second on our list which is closed to attract about 18.8 2 million people every year. Undoubtedly all the tourists and travelers who want to visit London because it has a lot of things to offer like green spaces, incredible history, and many more because of that the visitors never will get bored to arrive there. as compared to other cities in London is considered to be the most expensive city but despite being expensive it can attract various visitors from around the world. 

3. New York

According to an estimate it has been found that every year approximately 12.27 million people visit New York City because of its beautiful destination that mesmerizes its visitors and they will never get bored of it. famous destinations of New York cities include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Neue Galerie, and much more. This place is also a perfect fit for all the foodies out here as it has so much to offer from local eats to International foods and you will surely enjoy the authentic taste of such foods and you will be amazed.

4. Paris

From fast various years, Paris has become the main source of attraction for all the lovely couples as this city is considered to be the most romantic city in the world. It is rich in history along with various fascinating attractions from art to incredible foods that make this city one of the best and most visited cities in the world. Our research has found that every year in this city attracts almost 15.06 million people and most of them are couples who visit there for their honeymoon trip.

5. Singapore

Singapore is one of the most famous places in the world that attract various people, especially from Southern Malaysia. It has been found that almost 11.8 million people are attracted to this city and visit this place every year. As this place makes the connectivity with various other regions of Asia that makes it the perfect place to visit and the Gardens by the bay becomes the main source of attraction among the visitors. 

6. Kuala Lampur

While the other cities attracted visitors from around the world but Kuala Lumpur is a city that attracts visitors mainly from Australia and South East Asia. If you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur then the most visited destination of this city includes Twin Towers that features a park and shopping and the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and also Petaling Street where you find a lot of shopping and a host of food vendors.

7. Hong kong

Although Hong Kong is part of China, it still becomes the main source of attraction for various Travellers and visitors because it has its own set of laws. It is not tough to visit there as this city allows various people to visit Here Without applying for any Visa that makes it an attractive choice for various people to experience the beauty of this city.

8. Seoul

Seoul has also become the source of attraction to various visitors and approx 10.3 5 million people visited this city every year that makes it the perfect place and most visited city in the world. This city has much more to offer from authentic tasty Puttu Royal places to visit like Gyeongbokgung Palace. Along with the beautiful places it has, you can also enjoy shopping here in various places including Dongdaemun Market.