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What can you remember about your preschool or early school years? Possibly not a lot, but whatever you do remember probably bears little resemblance to the preschools of today. 

There has been a trend with Global Indian International School (GIIS) to become more structured, and to offer more formalized learning programs, leaving less time for unstructured play and simple fun.

Many parents and teachers will argue that this is a good thing that improves a child’s school readiness leading to better learning outcomes in primary and later in secondary school. That it is necessary to give children the best opportunity in today’s hypercompetitive world.

The trend to push academic goals down to preschool is actually not good for children and becoming too academic, it can put unnecessary stress on children, parents, and teachers. The early childhood education programs at the best school in Noida offer myriad benefits that will lay the foundation for a great education.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right Noida preschool can be a challenging proposition for parents. This is true at all times, but today it has taken on added importance as society continues to grapple with the novel coronavirus and the challenges that it brings.

As parents prepare for their child to get on to a great Noida preschool that has a solid reputation in the community, a warm and comforting environment, passionate teachers and staff, active learning, and child-friendly facilities, 

Here are some of the top characteristics of GIIS that makes it the best school in Noida:

1. Comforting Environment – 

Preschool is often a child’s first experience away from both their parents’ loving care and home. It’s crucial that a child should feel like he or she can work shoulder to shoulder with the classroom teachers. The teachers in the school interact with students in such a way that the students feel the classroom is incredibly fun, engaging, and safe.

2. Hands-on Learning – 

Young children learn best by doing or experiencing through discovery and play. This is called hands-on learning or active learning and is an important characteristic of any high-quality preschool program. Students get the foundations of a solid education with lots of reading time, arts and crafts, music, dance, outdoor play exposing them to reading and writing, play builds curiosity, teaches empathy and problem-solving skills.

3. Dedicated Teachers – 

Passionate, caring, and qualified teachers and staff is a priority of GIIS. The teachers speak kindly and respectfully with the children and focus on getting your child to succeed by doing everything in their power to keep them happy and healthy in the process.

4. WorldClass Facilities – 

Safe and engaging facilities rank high on the school’s list and the health and safety of your child are paramount to GIIS. The faculty and staff are well trained in safety measures and the facilities are constantly evolving and being updated. Classrooms are chock full of screens, gadgets, and tools designed to teach children more effectively, ensuring they are used judiciously.

The journey to school can belong, and worrying for both children and their parents. At GIIS the trend is working closely in partnership with parents to ensure that every child would be prepared for the transition to school and they reach their full potential and most importantly get a hunger, excitement, and passion to learn.

If you feel your child isn’t quite ready for big school, you can keep your child in preschool until they are five years old. At GIIS the focus is heavily on learning through play, children being given opportunities to be active learners, problem solvers, and critical thinkers.

Jennifer Alex

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