Top Cable TV providers 2021

In this era, we are not limited to one source of entertainment. You can start watching anything from wherever you want and whenever you want. For instance, just pull out your smartphone, connect to the internet, and start watching favorite shows on Netflix. 

After a long hectic day, the first thing we all like to do is sit on a comfortable couch, grab a remote, and start scrolling channels. You will stumble across plenty of channels that you may like or dislike – and only a few ones are on top of your watch list. All of it can be done by subscribing to a cable TV provider. Most people are switching to streaming services due to plenty of reasons, but the main reason is the surging bills every month. 

It is enough to bring tears to your eyes and put a dent in your budget. You might think of subscribing to a streaming service due to fixed and lower cost. But one thing we must admit is that cable TV has no replacement at all. 

If you wish to watch your favorite channels, here are some of the best cable TV providers to look for. We have selected these providers after carefully analyzing their plans, prices, and perks. 


Optimum is one of the best cable TV providers in the United States, especially for people living on the East Coast. The plan can cost you somewhere between $75 to $124 per month and gives you a satisfactory channel lineup meeting the requirements of everyone in the household. For instance, Optimum Value TV delivers 255 channels including Nick, CNN, Disney Channel, Lifetime, TNT, HGTV, SNY, Fox News, and Fox Business. 

Optimum TV also gives you the option to record your favorite shows. Record as many as 15 shows simultaneously and act as a responsible family member. The DVR storage might not be able to record more than 150 hours of the program. The bad part is you will be charged with hidden fees as well. 

Whether you are living in Connecticut, New York, or New Jersey, Optimum TV coverage is available in these areas. Apart from the huge channel lineup, Optimum also offers HD viewing and exclusive programming including local, international, and sports lineup. If you bundle up Optimum TV with internet and phone, you will be able to save more and pay less. 

As far as customer service is concerned, Optimum is on top of other companies. The cable provider allows customers to get online help easily through chat or calling customer representatives. 


If you are considering a new cable connection at home, Spectrum is surely going to give you reasonably priced plans catered to your requirements. If you are living in any of the 41 states of Spectrum’s coverage area, you are one lucky dude to have such a blessing. All of its existing plans of cable, internet, or both, come without any contractual obligations. 

Spectrum TV is far better than any other cable provider due to its extensive channel lineup and pretty decent plans. The cable TV provider offers services that are exceptional in terms of promotions, plans, and customer services. Moreover, if you are tired of paying hefty bills at the end of each month, Spectrum TV should be on top of your list. 

Spectrum TV is not about offering basic cable channels that every cable provider offers. You can watch channels like SHOWTIME and HBO by upgrading your Spectrum TV to Silver. And if you upgrade it to Gold, you will get a chance to watch STARZ Encore, SHOWTIME, TMC, and STARZ. 

If saving money is on your mind all the time, then here is the good news. You can bundle up Spectrum TV with internet to save more and pay less. If you have been searching for a seamless internet connection, Spectrum has got you covered. With speed starting from 100Mbps, the internet will keep you hooked to your screen for downloading, gaming, and streaming. 

As we have mentioned earlier Spectrum TV is contract-free so you don’t have to worry about a heavy cancellation fee. At any time if you feel Spectrum isn’t providing superb service or for any other reason you need to cancel, just pick up the phone and talk to a customer representative to cancel the plan. 

Apart from Spectrum’s huge channel lineup, it also allows you to access a huge library of on-demand content including TV shows, documentaries, movies, and much more. The option is not only confined to your home – in fact, but you can also watch it on the go by installing Spectrum TV App. The app is compatible with devices like Xbox One, iPhone, Fire TV, Android devices, Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku devices. 


Mediacom is also one of the popular and top cable TV providers to look for in 2021. Presently, the company is offering its services in 22 states including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and many more. 

When it comes to bundling options, Mediacom has similar packages offered by other satellite and cable companies. The cable provider offers tons of options when it comes to bundling. You can bundle internet, TV, and phone to save some bucks. However, make sure to check the availability in your area and promotions being given to the new customers. 

Mediacom cable TV comes with no contract obligation. However, keep in mind that you will be surprised after one year with an increase in price ranging from $20-$50 per year. Make sure to calculate your budget before you finalize the deal and set aside extra funds to pay the bills. 

The installation fee of Mediacom is whopping high as much as $99. But the charges are for one time and you don’t need to pay a recurring fee. Some of the channels being offered by Mediacom include Freeform, Hallmark Channel, Disney Channel, National Geographic Channel, Food Network, and Fox News. If you are a music freak, then rest assured you will be getting up to 50 music channels on the list. What else do you want? 

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