Top Benefits of Original MC4 Connectors

MC4 Connectors


MC4 Connectors are small, single-contact electrical connectors that are mainly used to connect solar panels. MC in MC4 stands for Multi-Contact, and 4 defines the 4 mm diameter contact pin. MC4 allows strings of panels to construct by pushing connectors from adjacent panels together manually. However, they need a tool to disconnect them in order to make sure they do not accidentally disconnect when the cables are pulled. MC4 connectors and compatible products are universal in the solar market. They play an important role in reducing the risk of overheating, which could create a fire.


For those who are technical, original MC4 connectors are rated for 600 V, and the newer version is rated at 1500 V, which allows longer strings to be created.


Top Key Benefits of Original MC4 Connectors


It is highly advisable to do your research properly and check with your solar installer in order to make sure that they use only original MC4 connectors. There are several counterfeit copies being made overseas that are available in the market. Here are the top benefits of choosing original connectors over copied connectors:


  • Quality products are tested and used over a long time period
  • Longer life of the product
  • Require low maintenance cost
  • Energy savings and minimal loss of power
  • Reduced heat build-up that helps in preventing overheating from occurring


Why Should You Only Use Original or Genuine MC4 Connectors?


While it is quite challenging to distinguish a genuine MC4 connector from a copy, however, technical comparisons differ greatly. Copies come with deficiencies that can result in damage during installation or even lead to a fire. In addition to the same, if you use copies instead of genuine connectors, you may experience the following:


  1. Using non-branded products can cause the mismating of connections. It can result in poor connections. It can also cause a rise in temperature, which could result in overheating the system. It might also allow water to enter, resulting in a fire.
  2. You or someone could get electrocuted in case of touching the connector where poor connections allow rain and dust to enter, which can reduce the insulating properties of the connector.
  3. System failure can occur, and a fire could bring the loss of a home or someone’s life.
  4. Re-work will be required if the system is working incorrectly.
  5. Non-genuine connectors have not undergone the same stringent testing that can be found in original MC4 connectors. Multi-contact has been a part of the industry for several years and has researched and tested the behavior of their connectors over a long time period.
  6. The installation of non-genuine connectors may not meet the guidelines of the Clean Energy Council as well as breaches the Council’s Code of Conduct.


Where to Find Original MC4 Connectors?


Today, there are a number of online portals available from where you can purchase high-quality, genuine, and original MC4 connectors at highly affordable prices. There are different types of connectors available for Solar Installation. Some of the best quality connectors in the industry are MC4 Female – 8 AWG, 6.05-8.5mm OD, MC4 Male – 8 AWG, 6.05-8.5mm OD, MC4 100 Piece Kit – $4.45 per pair (M/F) – 10/12 AWG, 5.9-8.8mm OD, MC4 10 Piece Kit – $4.42 per pair (M/F) – 10/12 AWG, 5.9-8.8mm OD, and more.


You can choose any original MC4 connector as per your needs and requirements and enjoy its benefits. Before choosing any online platform, simply cross-check their reputation, experience in the industry, quality of products, and feedback of previous customers.