Top Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Online advertisements play a vital role in today’s digital economy. The competition in every industry has become so difficult that to sustain the market, it is important to keep people updated about the products and services provided by the company. Nowadays companies large and small are utilizing the abilities of social media platforms to promote their products. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc have become the most important hubs for promotional advertising. Out of all of them, the Instagram advertising platform is becoming the most effective method, as evidence by the volume of users, as well as its interest-based targeting accuracy. Today, we will explore the imperative benefits of Instagram advertising, as well as the reasons why so many companies are utilizing it today.

There are many advantages of using the Instagram advertising platform. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Enhanced targeting: Advertisement’s main aim is to target the correct audience at the correct time with the correct messaging, with the help of instagram, companies and brands can now target their ideal customers by a variety of specific factors such as location, interests, demographics, behaviours, etc. These specific factors make it especially easy to micro-target the right demographic for your brand. The Instagram platform is especially helpful in feeding your ideal audience with the advertisements that will build your brand reputation and solidify your brand image. Instagram ads all in all is a great tool that can and will benefit your company and drive affordable advertising ROI.
  • Boosts brand awareness: To sustain in the increasingly competitive landscape of your industry, it is increasingly important to boost awareness about the products and services being offered by you/your clients. Instagram is without a doubt one of the best platforms for digital endorsement of your products and services. Your company can create a page on this social media platform and update existing customers as well as platform users interested in your products. Additionally, you can keep your customers updated with the latest offers available from your brand. It has been concluded in multiple studies that a majority of Instagram users follow one or more company Instagram accounts whom they love to buy products from. The significance of this is two fold. First, having a strong Instagram presence will lead to a more mature reputation for your brand among your customers’ buying process. Customers are more likely to buy from a company they feel like they are familiar with. Secondly, having a Instagram presence will make it easier to use Instagram advertising techniques such as custom targeting – in which you will be able to create “lookalike audiences”, or audiences that look similar to either your website traffic or your Instagram followers. These targeting techniques are helpful in finding you new customers/leads.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Customer success is absolutely vital in maintaining your band persona online, as well as building overall brand trust. Many customers or potential customers will want to ask questions directly to the company they are buying from regarding their products. Instagram provides an easy, accessible solution to customer support. Studies show that an increasing number of customers try to resolve purchasing experiences through Instagram. While carefully managing your instagram advertising & account can help deter against negative feedback and make sure disappointed customers become satisfied, Instagram resolutions have also had a tendency to go viral and serve as an example of the type of customer support that is typical of your business if a customer decides to sign up/buy from you. Instagram is one of the best platforms where the customers can ask the question. Your company needs to ensure that the best answers are being delivered to your customers. On top of that, even the feedback from the customers will in itself, serve as further testimonials of your products/services, and help your company mend its ways in the search for ultimate customer success.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: In the year 2021, simply having a digital presence such as an account on Instagram is no longer enough. Big players in your industry as well as smaller competitors are most likely running paid online ads on Instagram already. It is imperative that your brand engages in Instagram advertising to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Every day, social media platforms are coming up with exciting features, keeping your pool of ideal potential customers coming back to the platform. If your company is utilizing the full potential of Instagram advertising, all of the features that Instagram is promoting directly benefits your business. Having a digital advertising platform will make your marketing unique in its unique approach to the customer through a more creative and informative advertising channel. In no ways are we suggesting that paid ads is the only Instagram channel you should explore – you can also get in touch with influencers who can make reels or IGTVs, giving their reviews on your products/services. This is again a great way to influence your potential customers to buy products. Ideally, alternative forms of digital advertisements should be supplemental to your primary channel of online ads – Instagram Paid Ads.
  • Track your campaign’s success: While traditional campaigns and avenues such as influencer’s marketing are far and few between, Instagram advertisements serve as a stable and affordable return on investment. More than that, they provide you with a series of traceable data for every step of your customer’s purchasing process. From there on, you know where and how to improve your advertising channel. You will also be inspired to improve your products in order to maximize your conversion rate. The paid advertisements published on Instagram all have the nature of being tracked and continuously optimized. Your company will be provided with all the real-time information that will further help you make the right decisions that will ultimately help in bettering the results of your advertising campaigns.

Above are some of the benefits of using this platform for advertising. To summarize, Instagram advertising is increasingly becoming a great way to create brand awareness as well as provide a unique scope of advertising that is easily scalable to a larger magnitude. You don’t have to go at it alone, for assistance in your social ad campaigns, you can even utilize professional tools such as Stiddle – A tool that was created to help realtors like yourself get into social advertising. Stiddle makes it easy for you to setup and optimize your ad campaigns, landing pages, and customers. There are other platforms out there as well to help run your online ads, but we’ve found Stiddle to produce the best results for the best price. If you are interested in a free trial from Stiddle, check us Here.


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