Top Benefits of Eating Marijuana Seeds

Ingesting marijuana is more than just smoking pot. Many people don’t know that each part of the marijuana plant has many benefits. From flowers, stalk, roots, leaves to seeds, the entire plant is an important source of essential nutrient compounds. In fact, you can eat raw marijuana seeds directly. And these can bring you amazing benefits.

First of all, “marijuana seeds” means cannabis seeds in general. There is no distinguishable difference between a hemp seed and a cannabis seed in terms of the nutritional benefits. Hemp, a plant under the species of cannabis sativa, has seeds that contain a great source of nutrition. It has healthy fats such as omega 3, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, sulfur, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc. All are essential for the body. There is no psychoactive or mind-altering effect in eating cannabis seeds.

In your next weed delivery, forget about the buds and try marijuana seeds! You may wonder, can I eat marijuana seeds? Of course! And we will tell you why you should.

So How Do You Eat Marijuana Seeds?

Easy and straightforward! You can eat marijuana seeds raw, shelled, unshelled, or cooked. No need for lengthy prep. However, it would be much more fun to infuse it in a snack or meal, instead of eating it raw. Roasting is one of our favorite ways. Combining them with a crunchy snack like kale chips is fantastic. Some people put these seeds in a boiling water. They call it “ganja tea.” Add some cannabis stems and dried leaves for additional potency. Or, you can simply sprinkle it on top of your oatmeal, yogurt, salads or smoothies.

Marijuana Seeds are a Rich Source of Natural Proteins

Plant-based diet has become popular specially for health conscious people. Marijuana seeds are one of the best and richest sources of plant-based protein. Two to three tablespoon of seeds can give the body a daily dose of amino acids (building blocks for the protein in the body). These efficient source of protein is helpful for people working out and athletes. It can help muscles and tissues to recover quickly. After an arduous workout, the body becomes over-acidic. Cannabis seeds’ minerals and vitamin E help bring back PH balance and support healing. Muscle soreness is reduced and regeneration will be faster. Protein powders made of hemp or marijuana seeds are becoming popular today. Ask Ronda Rousey. It is a great option specially for vegetarians. Low carb and low-fat, alternative to meat.

It Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health

Marijuana seeds are good for the heart. It helps moderate cardiovascular function in the body. It contains gamma-linolenic acid, a substance that effectively reduces inflammation through the elimination of unwanted proteins. As a matter of fact, this could possibly reduce the risk of blood clot formation. In case of surgeries and heart problems, marijuana seeds are known to help in faster and better recovery. Their anti-inflammatory properties can lower bad cholesterol. Nitric Oxide (a compound found in cannabis seeds) can help relax the muscles, dilate blood vessels, and circulate blood.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Marijuana seeds for stress, anxiety and depression have been shown to be effective in relaxing muscles and helping to control the nervous system. Consuming 2 spoons of hemp or marijuana seeds on a daily basis (no THC) can bring a positive effect to your physical and mental health. It’s always best to know how much to consume to find out what works best for you.

Lessen symptoms of Menopausal Syndrome and PMS

80% of women suffer post-menstrual syndrome during their reproductive cycle every month. This syndrome is the result of the prolactin hormones dominating in the body due to imbalanced level of estrogen. Hemp and marijuana seeds have a rich source of Gamma-linolenic acid, an amino acid that helps restore estrogen in the body. By producing prostaglandin, the effects of prolactin hormones are regulated. Aside from severe cramps during PMS, women can also feel depression, breast pain, and inflammation. Gamma-linolenic acid helps bring balance to the hormones in the body, which can heal inflammation. Analogous effects happen in menopause. So, next month if you feel that PMS symptom again, call for cannabis delivery and try if it works for you.

Maximize Testosterone Levels

Marijuana seeds contain nutrients that support the function of testosterone, an important muscle stimulating hormone. Marijuana seeds contain magnesium, which helps increase the level of testosterone in the blood. A non-essential amino acid called Aspartic acid is used for signaling molecules. These molecules found in Cannabis seeds promote a number of sperm in the male body through increasing the level of testosterone.

Weight Management

It is interesting to know that cannabis seeds can actually help you lose weight. Eating 3-4 teaspoons of these crunchy and nutty seeds can suppress hunger. Along with a healthy and active lifestyle, these cannabis seeds are a great supplement used to support mass building and sustaining lean muscles. They are rich in soluble fibers, which are helpful in digestion, reducing appetite, stabilizing blood sugar levels and promote gut health. The nutrients in cannabis seeds can increase metabolism and increase motivation for physical exercise.

Improve Skin Conditions

The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis seeds can help treat skin blemishes such as acne and atopic dermatitis (AD). Deficiencies in the Omega-3 is linked to cause acne. Cannabis seeds’ rich source of omega 3 and fatty acids help improve skin conditions. And the prebiotics and plant fibers can help manage symptoms of AD.

Gone are the days when people think eating fish is the only way to intake enough omega acid. Now, we know that cannabis can also be a good alternative. For all your cannabis needs, a plethora of different marijuana products are at the tip of your fingertips. Booking for a marijuana delivery in Los Angeles is very easy. With all the beneficial reasons cannabis seeds can give, are you ready to include them in your meal? After all, the most beneficial choice is to incorporate a balanced and nutritional diet.

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