Top 9 YouTube to MP3 Converter : totally free to use

The process of transforming YouTube videos to MP3 format facilitates the enjoyment of preferred musical selections in an offline mode and while mobile. Utilizing a YouTube to MP3 converter enables the swift and efficient acquisition of superior-quality MP3 files derived from YouTube content. This article provides an analysis of the nine most exemplary YouTube to MP3 converters available in 2024, all of which are accessible at no cost.

How to get started with YouTube to MP3 converter?

Follow these steps:

Step 1Copy the URL of the YouTube video which you want.
Step 2Paste the YouTube URL into the converter tool.
Step 3Select MP3 as the output format.
Step 4Click the “Convert” button.
Step 5The YouTube video will download and convert into an MP3 file.
Step 6Save the converted MP3 file to your computer.

Top 9 Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 2024

1. Yt5s

Best for: Downloading full playlists

Yt5s provides an intuitive and swift solution for dependable YouTube to MP3 conversions. Enter the video URL, select MP3 as the desired output, and click ‘Convert’ to obtain a high-quality audio file promptly.


  1. Can download entire playlists and channels
  2. Fast conversion speeds
  3. Preserves metadata tags
  4. Supports MP3 up to 320kbps


  1. Installer may bundle some unwanted programs
  2. File size limited to 1GB

Verdict: Overall, Yt5s is an excellent choice for hassle-free batch downloading and conversion of entire YouTube playlists to MP3. The fast speeds and ability to get MP3s from many sites make it very versatile.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

Best for: Downloading 4K videos

4K YouTube to MP3 can download MP3 audio even with high quality. It is completely free with no limits on output file sizes or formats.


  1. Can convert 4K and even 8K YouTube videos
  2. No file size restrictions
  3. Maintains original audio quality
  4. Supports bulk conversion and downloads
  5. Easy to use interface


  1. Slow conversion speeds
  2. Too many ads

Verdict: If you want to extract MP3 audio from ultra high quality 4K or 8K YouTube videos, this converter is the perfect pick. The output audio quality is top-notch despite slow speeds.

3. DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3

Best for: Simple no-fuss conversion

DVDVideoSoft offers a straightforward free YouTube to MP3 converter. It focuses on the basics and delivers smooth conversions.


  1. Minimalist and easy to use interface
  2. Decent conversion speeds
  3. Direct MP3 downloads
  4. Supports MP3 up to 320kbps
  5. Can extract audio from many sites beyond just YouTube


  1. Too many ads which can be annoying
  2. Lacks advanced customization options

Verdict: For quick and hassle-free YouTube to MP3 conversion, DVDVideoSoft is a good option. Despite the ads, the minimal interface and fast performance make it easy to use.


Best for: Simple online conversion

It is a very powerful tool for downloading YouTube videos to MP3. It is very easy because it has a clean interface .


  1. Minimalist and intuitive interface
  2. Fast conversion speeds
  3. Direct MP3 download
  4. Can convert up to 20 videos in batch
  5. No need to install any software


  1. Too many ads and popups
  2. No advanced options

Verdict: For quick, hassle-free online YouTube to MP3 conversion, works nicely. The intuitive interface and fast performance make it ideal for simple everyday use.

5. Online Video Converter

Best for: Advanced customization

Online Video Converter is a feature-rich online tool supporting YouTube to MP3 conversion with advanced options.


  1. Detailed audio settings customization
  2. Supports range of output formats
  3. Can convert and download multiple videos
  4. Fast batch conversion
  5. No need for software installation


  1. Confusing interface for beginners
  2. Audio quality depends on settings

Verdict: For full control over audio output settings, Online Video Converter is the best pick. The advanced options allow fine-tuned customization for maximum audio quality.

6. Y2mate

Best for: Downloading age-restricted videos

Y2mate specializes in converting age-restricted YouTube videos that other tools cannot download due to access controls.


  1. Can convert age-restricted videos
  2. Provides YouTube thumbnail preview
  3. Adds ID3 metadata tags to MP3s
  4. Supports bulk downloading
  5. Mobile-friendly interface


  1. Ad-heavy experience
  2. Inconsistent conversion speeds

Verdict: For downloading region blocked or age-restricted YouTube videos, Y2mate is the best choice. The metadata tagging also makes it great for getting properly tagged MP3s.


Best for: Fast and simple conversion is a useful online tool for fast YouTube to MP3 conversion.


  1. Clean and minimal interface
  2. Quick conversion speeds
  3. Various output audio formats
  4. Unlimited conversions
  5. No software installation needed


  1. Too many ads and popups
  2. Lacks advanced options

Verdict: When you need to convert YouTube videos to MP3 quickly without any fuss, is a good choice. The fast speeds and no-frills interface make it ideal for quick everyday MP3 extraction.

8. MP3FY

Best for: Converting multiple websites

MP3FY supports YouTube to MP3 conversion along with 1000+ other websites.


  1. Can extract MP3 from many websites
  2. Allows bulk conversion and downloading
  3. Maintains ID3 metadata
  4. No length limits
  5. Simple point-and-click interface


  1. Contains too many ads
  2. Inconsistent conversion speeds

Verdict: For a converter that works across many websites beyond just YouTube, MP3FY is very capable. It delivers good quality MP3s from a wide range of online video sources.

9. ClipGrab

Best for: Desktop app with playlists

ClipGrab provides a downloadable desktop app for YouTube to MP3 conversion.


  1. Desktop app with no web ads
  2. Can download full playlists
  3. Faster than online tools
  4. Preserves metadata
  5. Simple and easy to use


  1. Windows-only, no Mac or Linux version
  2. Fixed output settings

Verdict: ClipGrab is the best choice if you prefer a desktop program over online tools. The ability to quickly convert and download entire YouTube playlists makes it very convenient.

Comparison of the top 9 converters

4K YouTube to MP3Web4/5
DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3Web4.2/5
Online Video ConverterWeb4.6/5

Best YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mobile, PC, and iPhone

  • For mobile devices, Y2mate provides the best YouTube to MP3 conversion experience with its mobile-optimized interface. The ability to convert age-restricted videos is also useful for mobile users.
  • Online Video Converter is the recommended pick for PC as it offers detailed audio settings customization lacking in most other converter tools. The advanced options result in higher quality MP3 output.
  • iPhone users can conveniently use ClipGrab which has a dedicated iOS app in addition to the desktop version. The iOS app allows easily downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 directly on your iPhone.
  • is another good choice for mobile users as the web interface is light and loads fast on mobile browsers. The quick conversion speeds are also a plus.
  • For Windows PC, DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 or Yt5s are recommended as they integrate smoothly into the Windows workflow.
  • Mac users can opt for Online Video Converter for YouTube to MP3 needs as it works seamlessly across Windows and Mac with any browser.

Relevant user’s experience


  • John found Freemake provided much better audio quality from YouTube videos compared to online converters. He was highly satisfied with the near CD-quality MP3 output.
  • Jane loved the detailed customization options in Online Video Converter that allowed her to fine-tune the MP3 encoding as per her preference.
  • Mark was happy being able to download region-blocked YouTube videos using Y2mate that other tools could not access.

Ease of Use

  • Mary found ClipGrab very easy to use with its simple interface to paste links and convert YouTube playlists.
  • Alan appreciated Convert2MP3’s clean and minimalist interface that allowed fast MP3 conversion without any hassles.

Black Points

  • John disliked the bloatware in Freemake’s installer but was happy with the actual tool.
  • Jane found the interface of Online Video Converter confusing initially being used to simpler tools.
  • Mark complained about too many ads and popups on Y2mate but saw it as a fair tradeoff.

Areas for Improvement

  • John felt Freemake could improve by speeding up playlist conversion and removing installer bundles.
  • Jane wanted a more intuitive UI in Online Video Converter while retaining advanced options.
  • Mark suggested Y2mate work on consistent speeds and reduce ads without compromising main functionality.

YouTube to MP3: Conclusion

In conclusion, converting YouTube videos to MP3 using the right free converter tools is a great way to enjoy music offline and on the go. The top YouTube to MP3 converters outlined in this article offer the essential features you need for a smooth conversion experience. Give them a try, and elevate your music listening experience.

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