Top 9 Safest Places To Live In Canada

We are always wary of our safety. This reflects in our everyday lives as we put in extra efforts to keep ourselves and our loved ones protected. This consciousness also influences our choice and place of living.

Canada is ranked among the seven advanced economies in the world, and this is evident in her dominance in global trade and the international financial system.

The North American country boasts standard healthcare facilities, low cost of living, natural scenery, free education, job opportunities, and much more. It is also considered one of the safest places to live in the world, with a crime severity index of 73.68 as of 2021.

Seasons Retirement is an example of a reputable retirement residence for quality care and has retirement residences in safe cities across Alberta and Ontario, Canada. In these locations, you can be sure your older loved ones are secure and in safe hands.

Canada is a safe country with a good number of cities with low crime severity rates. This article highlights the safest place to live in Canada and other areas with good security in the country.

Canada’s Safest Cities To Live In

Despite the rising threat to security and safety in the world today, Canada remains one of the best options for safe living. These cities are known to be very safe and secure:

1.   Quebec City

Quebec city, the capital of the Quebec province, is a beautiful city with affordable housing and remarkably high living quality. It has a crime severity index of 42.1, which is significantly lower than that of the country. This guarantees a safe and secure environment for you and your loved ones.

With a high percentage score for safety both at night and during the day, you can safely explore the beautiful outdoors of Quebec city whenever you please. Quebec City also caters to your social life, providing an avenue for socialization through festivals (Festival d’été de Québec) and sports events.

2.   LaSalle

Any place with a crime severity index (CSI) lower than 60 is considered very safe. LaSalle, an Ontarian city with a CSI of 19.15, has many amazing features, including a low unemployment rate and a high-income rate. These facts about LaSalle make it the safest place to live in Canada with your spouse and children.

In LaSalle, you have access to a 40km bike trail where you can take a walk, jog, or bike safely. The city also hosts a night market featuring music, food, and vendors at the civic center. This usually happens on the last Sunday in May, June, July, and August, so if you are a night owl, LaSalle has got you covered.

3.   Markham

Markham occupies 212.4 square kilometres of land and is home to about 345,970 people. It is the 16th largest city in Canada, with a crime rate of 23.04%, which makes it the second safest place to live in Canada.

The city provides a lot of job opportunities for tech professionals as it is a base for many tech industries and companies. As a tech-inclined environment, Markham attracts technology experts and professionals in computing.

4.   Coquitlam

Coquitlam is a city with lots of fun outdoor activities you can engage in, including hiking, mountain climbing, biking, and fishing. Its theme parks and shipping centers give a picturesque view that’s attractive to tourists.

This town is the third safest place in Canada, with a crime index of 23.75. It is the sixth largest city in the British Columbia province and has a population of 140,028.

5.   Burlington, ON

Burlington is another Ontarian city that’s credited for having a secure and healthy atmosphere. It has a crime severity index of 22.77 and a very low crime rate. It holds a lot of job opportunities for professionals as well as an engaging landscape for the adventurous. It is located in the Greater Toronto Area and is home to the famous Niagara anticline and Lake Ontario.

6.   Beaumont

Beaumont is a city in the province of Alberta which has a striking resemblance to a French village due to its history. Beaumont was first a French farming community, and thus the design of its architecture. It is a small city with a population of about 20,000 people and a crime severity index of 40, making it one of the safest places to live in Alberta.

7.   Cochrane

This city is ranked third on the list of the safest places to live in Alberta. It is located on the west side of Calgary and is one of the largest cities in Alberta, with a population of 34,468.

Its crime severity index of 49 shows that the government has taken actions to curb crime in the area. Such actions include the formation of professional and volunteer organizations for fighting crime as well as intense training for the local police.

8.   Levis

Levis is a city located in the province of Quebec at the center of three national parks. Its hiking trails and numerous camping sites encourage an interesting outdoor lifestyle. It has a low cost of living which is well below the national average.

Levis has a score of 463 for violent crime index per 100,000 people in 2020. This score is double and almost triple in Quebec and Canada, respectively.

9.   Oakville

If you are looking for a safe city to live in and raise your kids, Oakville is a nice option for you. It has beautiful scenery with many parks, lakes and an eco-friendly environment. It boasts a safety index of 72.53% and a crime index of 27.47%.

Oakville is ranked as the fourth safest place to live in Canada and offers affordable and standard cost of living.


Canada is a country which offers a lot of job opportunities with relatively high income, thus resulting in the influx of immigrants and fast population growth. Even with a rapidly increasing population, it still holds its rank among the safest countries to live in the world.