Top 9 Places to Visit in Makkah During Umrah

If you are travelling to Makkah for an Umrah pilgrimage, don’t let your free time go to waste. There are several places in Makkah that you should definitely visit to make your holiday even more fun. 

Now we understand that many people may have financial restrictions due to which they may limit the places they want to visit. But don’t worry; there is a way around that too! Many Islamic travel agencies now offering cheap Umrah packages 2023 from UK, which will help you significantly reduce your costs. And the places we have listed are free to visit anyway!

Exploring the Magnificent Mosques

Some of the most sacred and important mosques in Islam are in Makkah. When you are on your Umrah journey, visiting these mosques can be a deeply spiritual and satisfying experience.

1. Masjid Al-Haram and Jannat-ul-Mu’alla

Of course, first on the list is Masjid Al-Haram, home to the Ka’aba. Now you will already be visiting the mosque to perform the Umrah, but make sure you explore it to the fullest. There is a lot to see and do at Islam’s holiest mosque and the world’s largest. 

At a distance of 3.1km from the mosque is Jannat-ul-Mu’alla. If you are willing to take the 10-minute ride, you can see the final resting place of many companions and family members of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The most significant graves include that of the Prophet’s first wife, Hazrat Khadija, and his uncle Abu-Talib.

As you go to this old cemetery, pause for a moment to offer your prayers for the souls of those who have left this world and for your own journey towards the afterlife.

2. Masjid-e-Ayesha

Masjid-e-Ayesha is a mosque located in the city of Tan’im, which is approximately 7 kilometres from Makkah. We know that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his wife Ayesha performed their Ihram for Umrah at this location.

The mosque is not big, but it’s still very beautiful, with detailed patterns and calligraphy on the walls. It’s a calm place, ideal for some peaceful reflection before starting your pilgrimage. Just remember, it’s also known as Masjid-e-Tan’im, so don’t get mixed up!

The Mystical Caves of Makkah

When you visit the caves in Makkah, take a moment to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds you. While you’re there, take some time to reflect on the immense significance of these caves and how they played a vital role in shaping the history of Islam.

1. Cave of Hira

One of the most famous caves in Makkah is the Cave of Hira. It is situated on the peak of Jabal Nour and is where the Prophet Muhammad PBUH got the first revelation of the Quran. The cave is a place of spiritual inspiration and contemplation, where pilgrims can reflect on the profound message of the Quran and the teachings of Islam.

2. Cave of Thawr

You should also make sure to visit another cave in Makkah called the Cave of Thawr. It’s a very important place in Islamic history because it’s where Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companion Abu Bakr hid from their attackers when they were making their way to Medina.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Makkah’s Ranges

Impressive mountains surround Makkah, making it even more divine. These mountains have played an important role in both history and religion. Furthermore, they provide some of the most incredible sights that can leave you amazed by the beauty of Allah’s creation.

1. Mount Arafat

This is where the Prophet Muhammad PBUH delivered his final speech during his last Hajj pilgrimage. And it is also where Allah revealed the last message to the Prophet, which confirmed that Islam was now complete.

2. Mount Abu Qubays

This mountain is believed to be Allah SWT’s first creation, and it is where Adam (AS) was commanded to build the Holy Kaaba. Moreover, it is where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) demonstrated the moon-splitting miracle.

From Learning to Leisure

1. Maktaba Makkah-ul-Mukarramah

This library houses one of the largest collections of Islamic manuscripts, books, and other rare documents in the Muslim world. It is located near Haram, and visiting it is a must for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of Islam.

2. Makkah Mall

Being one of the biggest shopping centres in the city, it has lots of options for shopping, eating, and having fun, all in one place. The mall is relatively close to Haram and is easily reached by public transit.

3. Factory of Kiswah

If you’re interested in seeing how the black cloth (called Kiswah) that covers the Kaaba is made, then you should definitely visit the factory. It is open to the public and offers guided tours to learn about the traditional processes used to make Kiswah.