Top 9 Mental Health Podcasts to Download Today

If you’re feeling like you need some extra guidance, listening to a mental health podcast is a great way to empathize and find a sense of community. Coping against mental issues is a challenge. But if you listen to healthy podcasts, you allow your mind to evolve in the right direction.

There are tons of mental health podcasts around. With a quick search on Google or podcasting platforms, you can find something to feed your mind. Here’s a collection of our favorites to get you through tough times and personal growth.

1. The Positive Psychology Podcast

The Positive Psychology podcast is one of the longest-running mental health wellbeing podcasts. It was started by Kristen Truempy, a mindful optimist, back in 2014. So there’s a lot of episodes to explore in the podcast.

Kristen Truempy has a master’s in applied positive psychology. She says her obsession is to spread the message of positive psychology far and wide. She uses podcasting to make people happier by showing them to appreciate various emotions.

Today, Positive Psychology podcast is a library of episodes about self-improvement. You can find episodes on mindfulness, democracy, humility, passion, trust, yoga, sex, and more.

In a nutshell, this is the mental health podcast to look up to if you want to become positive-minded. It’s an enriching podcast with inspiring guests and episodes going up to forty-five minutes.

2. Distraction Podcast by Dr. Ned Hallowell

Distraction Podcast makes the top pick of our best mental health podcasts for a few reasons. This podcast covers distractions which are the primary cause of mental health problems today.

Distraction reveals how the demands of modern life can ruin our mental well-being. It tackles societal issues like careers, health, education, family, the internet and their association with mental health.

Dr. Ned Hallowell, a psychiatrist and ADHD expert, is the founder and host of Distraction. He runs the podcast twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He not only shares interesting sights and tips to help you cope with overwhelm but also brings on empowering guests.

If you feel like you’re stuck in life, unproductive or detached from society, this is the podcast for you. Dr. Ned’s experience, strategies and empathetic approach will help you recollect yourself. You will learn the art of conscious living and find ways to get the most out of your life.

3. Anxiety Podcast

If you’re struggling with anxiety and want an empathetic podcast, this is it. The host, Tim JP Collins, suffered from anxiety attacks so he has firsthand experience to help you.

Tim JP Collins offers the tips and tactics he used to beat anxiety on the podcast. He understands how crippling anxiety can be and wants to help you live a better life by helping you overcome it.

Tim tailors his show to the listeners. A lot of what goes on the show are interviews with his listeners. Episodes involve answering listeners or host( patient) questions to help them relate.

The podcast is full of episodes stretching back to 2018. Topics covered vary but they all aim at helping you live free from worry and stress.

Examples include finding mentors, career changes, delayed gratification, and gratitude and journaling. Each episode is around 30 minutes and available on YouTube, Stitcher and Apple.

4. Meditation Minis

Meditation Minis attracts many people because of its unique approach to podcasting. At 230,000 Spotify followers, it’s one of the more popular best mental health podcasts today.

It features short meditation audios lasting not more than 12 minutes. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs some inspiration in shorter increments. All meditations are also free.

The host, Chel Hamilton, says this is to make meditation audios accessible to everyone. Meditation Minis is all-inclusive and open to everyone regardless of their religious affiliations. The meditation techniques are from a wide variety of sources and not of a particular ideology.

Meditation is a proven mental health tactic and that can suit anyone. The audios can help you overcome anxiety, stress, self-doubt and negative thinking. They will also help cultivate better clarity and confidence.

Chel Hamilton is a meditation artist and expert. She started the podcast in 2015 as a one-year project to help people embrace meditation. Her meditation techniques will bring balance to your life and change you for the better.

5. The Hardcore Self Help Podcast with Duff the Psych

You might feel you have tried all self-help options for depression problems to no avail. At this point, you need something unconventional. And that’s where the hardcore self-help podcast with Duff the Psych comes in.

Duff the Psych is a professional psychologist. He’s straightforward and avoids the buzzwords synonymous with most self-help information. Duff says that the last thing that you need is some huge “psychobabble” manual thrown at you when you’re struggling with emotional difficulties.

The podcast runs weekly on Thursday mornings where Duff answers mental health questions. The topics covered revolve around anxiety, depression, addictions, relationships and other major life issues.

Duff also does both in-person and online psychotherapy sessions and assessments. He’s published the hardcore self-help series to help people looking for a different self-help approach. Some of his famous books include F**k Anxiety and F**k depression.

6. Feeling Good Podcast by Dr. David Burns

The Feeling Good Podcast focuses on anxiety, depression and self-esteem problems. The podcast is full of mental health tips that can help you regardless if you’re a therapist or not.

Popular topics here include social anxiety, suicide prevention, perfectionism, anger in marriage, and marriage. They also share depression therapies like the hiking, acceptance paradox, and personalized live therapies.

Dr. David Burns is a seasoned expert on the topic of mental health and depression. He has pioneered methods used by psychologists and therapists to deal with depression. Currently, he is the Adjunct Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

7. The Calmer You Podcast

This is the mental podcast for you if you want to quit self-criticism and become super confident. Chloe, the host, uses hypnotherapy and coaching techniques to help you overcome self-doubt.

Her techniques center on helping people quit the inner critic and improve calmness. She uses expert interviews, practical tools and encouragement to power you through the confidence journey.

Chloe says she struggled with anxiety, self-doubt and imposter syndrome before the podcast. By using the tactics she shares on the podcast, she’s a much more relaxed and self-assured person.

Some of the episodes on her podcast include:

  • How to handle the inner critic
  • When you feel like you’re never doing enough
  • Leadership and imposter syndrome
  • Grief with Hope Edelman
  • Life, soul and anxiety

Chloe Brotheridge is a certified hypnotherapist, coach and author of the bestseller Anxiety Solution. Her podcast has over 750,000 downloads and ratings of 4.8/5 on Apple.

One of her past patients says “Chloe is a very calm and caring person but at the same time utterly professional. If you are ever considering hypnotherapy then Chloe is without a doubt the person to go to”.

8. The Overwhelmed Brain

You can control your emotions and overcome the barriers affecting your mental being. But are you sure how to do this? Paul Colaianni started The Overwhelmed Brain to lead you to achieve emotional wellness.

Paul, a behavior and relationship coach, started The Overwhelmed Brain after overcoming depression. He brings the lessons that he picked to help you change the thoughts and behaviors limiting your wellness.

Instead of the only positive affirmations and mantras, this podcast helps you to master your inner being. You learn to maximize the mental and emotional strength within you to overcome your fears and become a better person.

9. The Happiness Lab

With over 11,000 positive ratings on Apple podcasts, The Happiness Lab is an easy pick in our best mental health podcasts. It has great interviews, solid production quality and offers practical advice for being happier and improving your well-being. People have said the host feels like a close friend who just wants you to feel better and live your best life.

The Happiness Lab tackles the subject of mental health by focusing on improving happiness. Dr. Laurie Santos says while happiness seems unattainable, it’s always within reach. She uses scientific backed proof to help you see how you can control your happiness and uplift your life.

Dr. Laurie, a cognitive scientist at Yale University, reveals how most people go wrong when looking for happiness. Happiness doesn’t come from material things. To know how to become happy, listen to her as she shares exciting insights about the science of happiness.

Find the Mental Health Podcast That Uplifts Your Life

If you listen to any mental health podcast, you’re a few steps closer to self-empowerment. Continue soaking in more uplifting podcasts for sustained wellness. Make it a point to explore our recommended list of the best mental health podcasts.

For more tips and advice on tools for your mental health and wellbeing, check out our blog.