Top 9 Fashion Trends To Follow For Spring 2022!

We may be nearing the end of the year 2021, but this provides us with an excellent window of opportunity to begin the following year by anticipating several promising new trends to look forward to. Moreover, while we have no idea whose television shows will take the place of Bridgerton or Squid Game or whatever non-dairy milk brand we will use to flavor our coffee in the year 2022, we do have some insight into what everyone will be wearing at that point in history. Buy now on

Please take a look at these nine styles that we spotted on the spring 2022 catwalks and believe are equally acceptable for everyday wear as they are for big occasions. You may start wearing them right away.

These Will Be The Only 9 Trends You’ll Want To Buy In 2022!

You may start experimenting with how to best use these nine trends right now in everyday wear, as they were shown all over the spring 2022 runways during fashion month.

  1. Shades of Yellow

A few of the stunning yellows that will be fashionable in 2022 include daffodil, lemon, honey, banana, and buttercup, to name a few. This trend allows you to personalize it to meet your specific requirements, whatever your style may be. 

As a general rule of thumb, warm undertones (such as honey or butterscotch) appear best with warm colors (such as brown or khaki), whereas cooler undertones (such as khaki or tan) look best with cool hues (such as blue or grey) (like lemon).

  1. Plaid Skirt Suits

Cher Horowitz would be overjoyed with this. (And, rather than Heathers, we recommend that you take inspiration from the Clueless protagonist instead.) 

Cropped jackets, which are often worn open over a tight top or bodysuit, and sleek short skirts with more pencil form are the modern interpretations of the trend, which do away with padded shoulders and double-breasted buttons. Accessorize with lug-sole booties, a chain link necklace, or baroque pearls to complete the look.

  1. All Sequins and Sparkle

Friends, high-shine for the day is back, and we are completely obsessed. There were clues that this trend might be returning during the summer, as many people felt more comfortable leaving their homes and dressing up to go out for the first time in months. And we anticipate that the festive mood will continue to grow in the coming year.

  1. Corset-Detailing

Corsets are not what we’re talking about here. This is about tops inspired by the waist-defining undergarment and constructed of structured materials with seams running from the bust to the torso. 

To amp up the sexiness, wear your corset top with a bit of skirt or low-rise jeans, or go for a more formal look with a corset top paired with a pair of complementing trousers. The casual look can be achieved by wearing a basic white t-shirt underneath for additional coverage.

  1. Love for Y2K

Still intense is the early 2000s love affair. Even more scarf tops, low-rise jeans, and butterflies, everything appeared on the spring runways, and if you haven’t already, now is the time to join the trend. 

With a nod to Destiny’s Child or Britney and Justin on the red carpet and minimal accessories, Coterie member Monroe Steele’s denim-on-denim ensemble is a grown-up and elegant alternative for Y2K staples denim jackets and denim skirts.

  1. Cutout Dresses look good

We couldn’t scroll through Instagram this summer without seeing a slew of bloggers rocking flowy dresses with cutouts at the waist or slim-fit blouses with peekaboo necklines. Recently, even Olympic gymnast Simone Biles joined in on the fun. 

It’s just going to get more popular as we approach the year 2022. Keyholes and asymmetrical cuts will continue to be popular but expect to see the more elaborate layering and weaving this year in addition to the simple reductions seen in 2017.

  1. Bold Color Combinations

Spring 2022 is all about bold hue combinations that are on the point of clashing: magenta and forest green, hot pink and cherry red, bright yellow and violet purple, to name a few. Choosing solid colors for a sort of custom color-blocked clothing will help you avoid seeming as though you dressed in the dark the most effectively. It’s best to keep your accessories as minimal as possible as well.

  1. Mini Skirts

In place of the midi dress trend of the past few years, shorter hemlines are taking over, and we couldn’t be happier about it. This trend may be worn in many different ways, depending on your preference. For example, a sporty pleated tennis skirt, a slick leather mini, or even a flowing mini tent dress are excellent options. 

And if you’re not too keen on revealing nearly as much leg as you would want, a pair of logo-adorned or polka dot tights will provide some extra coverage while remaining on-trend.

  1. Fringe

We all know the outcome of this situation. In early 2020, fringe was predicted to be one of the year’s most popular trends. However, it has held on and will return in spring 2022 with a more western-glam flavor. 

In place of a long, tangle-inducing, silky fringe that requires more detangling and combing than your hair, the latest trend is to merge the two for something in between. Fringed trucker jackets and pencil skirts are great examples of how to incorporate this trend into your everyday wardrobe this season.


With the arrival of a new season in the calendar year comes the opportunity to experiment with new looks. Temperatures are beginning to fluctuate, so it’s time to break out your long coats, boots, and neutral colors so you can layer them as needed. Fashion has never looked more vibrant than it does now, thanks to everything from groovy and retro-inspired aspects to modern takes on classic items. As we unpack the fashion trends we admired from the Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks, we’ll reintroduce the Y2K aesthetic; hopefully, you’ll find something useful and use it for the spring this year!  Buy now on