Top 9 Common Online Dating Mistakes That All Beginners Make

After days, weeks or months of internal debate, you have finally decided to give online dating a shot. Congratulations my friend; you are in for a treat!

However, online dating is not all fun and risk-free games. A lot can go wrong. Interestingly, when something goes wrong, it’s usually the fault of the user. How? Well by simply making rookie online dating mistakes. Also, before getting into the article, one of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong websites. Go here to see a list of the best websites.

Below are 9 common online dating mistakes on how to avoid them for a more fun and successful experience.

1. Limiting your search pool

This is a mistake made by both rookies and old-timers in online dating.

It is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one online dating service basket. First, it seriously limits your search pool, leaving you with only the men or women on your site to choose from. Secondly, you are limited only to the services that they offer.

Sticking to only one particular site means that you do not get to enjoy the many different and amazing packages that are available out there. Explore all best dating sites and see which options work just right for you.

What to do

To be on the safe side, consider starting out with at least two or three dating websites. You should also try out different online dating apps. So, create one profile on a general service and others on niche-specific sites that cater to your unique needs.

Casting this wide net will definitely increase your chances of being successful.

2. Cliché profile bios

No; “I like long walks on the beach” and “I love dogs” will not cut it if you want your profile to stand out.

Cliché profile biographies are among the most common mistakes beginners make, and you do not want to be on this train. They make you seem ordinary and sometimes even boring, which reduces your chances of people being interested in you.

What to do

The best thing to do is to include something fun and unique about yourself in the description. If it IS something common like the love of beaches or dogs, simply find a more creative way to put it. For example, you could say that you love the feeling of sand under your toes and seeing the sun sink over the horizon, instead of the boring old ‘long walks on the beach’ line.

3. Using the wrong photos for your profile

When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Your profile bio and photos are what matter the most as these are the first things potential matches see.

A common rookie mistake is using the wrong photos on online dating profiles. So, what qualifies as a wrong photo to use? The answer is simple; any photo that draws attention away from you or a picture that actually gets you the wrong kind of attention. Group photos, old pics where you look nothing like you do now, photos with random kids and photos with any form of nudity are a huge no-no.

What to do

Choose simple yet flattering photos of yourself. It could be a selfie or a photo someone took of you at a party. Whatever the case, just make sure that you look good in it and that there aren’t too much distracting potential suitors from the bombshell that is you.

4. Being sketchy about your intentions

People get into online dating for many different reasons. Maybe you are looking for ‘The One.’ Or maybe you just want a casual hookup before you are ready to settle down.

Truth be told, there is really no wrong reason for joining an online dating website, be it a Latin dating site, a Christian dating site or even a one night stand website. The only mistake is not being upfront about what you want and expect from people you are interested in.

What to do

Be honest about what you expect from the experience. This doesn’t just mean being upfront with potential matches. It also means being honest with yourself.

5. Being too eager and impatient

It is important to understand that online dating is not a quick fix to your love life problems. The platforms might make your work a lot easier but meeting someone suitable will still take time.

A common rookie mistake is giving up too fast simply because you don’t find the perfect match right away.

What to do

Be patient. Settle in for the long haul and take your time getting to know as many people as you can. With time, you will find a perfect match which makes the entire wait well worth it.

6. Being too quick to judge

Beginners are also for some reason very quick to judge when it comes to online dating. This means both positive and negative judgment. If you are just starting out, keep in mind that no one is perfect and no one is beyond redemption.

What to do

Take your time to get to know people before drawing any conclusions about them. If you like someone, do not be quick to crown them Prince Charming before getting to know them better. Also, do not dismiss people based on simple things like looks or occupation. If you share interests or important views, then give them a chance. You just might be surprised to find your prince, or princess, in a frog.

7. Settling before you get what you want

When you start online dating, one thing you will notice is how much attention you get. This might be overwhelming especially for you as a rookie. A common mistake is settling too soon simply because you think that you cannot find a better match.

What to do

The importance of being patient with online dating could not be emphasized enough. Again, it is the solution to this rookie mistake. It is ok to hold out for someone more special if you still haven’t found what you are looking for.

8. Being too open too fast

Beginners also commonly make the mistake of being too open and vulnerable too early in their interactions. So no, sharing your deepest darkest secrets on the first hello is not a good idea. Remember that you are dealing with complete strangers here. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious to ensure that you do not end up getting hurt by wearing your heart on your sleeve.

What to do

Instead of giving trust away freely, let people earn it. Once this is done, you can start getting deeper and more vulnerable.

9. Being passive

Finally, you do not want to be a passive dater if you are using online services. This applies to both men and women. In this game, you need to have the grit and guts to make the first move. Remember that for every person you are interested in there are probably tens or even hundreds of other people also interested in them. You should therefore not be afraid to make the first move.

What to do

Simply be active. The good news is that you do not really have to go out of your way to make any grand gestures. A simple hello would do. You could also try to break the ice by commenting on a common interest. Whatever the case, being the initiator will definitely get the other person interested in you. At least most times.


There are obviously a lot of ways that you could mess this up for yourself. The good news is that by being aware and informed of these mistakes, you will be in a better position to avoid them.

So, take all our advice into account, and you should be able to get it right from the very beginning. That way whether you are using the services out of curiosity or you are really searching for true love, you will get exactly what you are looking for.

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