Top 8 Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

It is exciting to remodel your kitchen. This is actually one of the first steps to making a dream home;  a space that you have dreamt of. However, for your kitchen to carry every element that is necessary, you need to plan your remodelling. Below we have discussed some tips that can help you with kitchen renovation in Melbourne. Read on for more details on kitchen cabinets, designs, furniture, accessories, etc.

Steps To Follow For Kitchen Renovation in Melbourne


The first step is to plan a kitchen remodel. You have to decide what you want to do exactly. For instance, if you invite guests over a lot of times in a week or a month, then you need an open kitchen. But, if you want a hi-tech, well-organized, and big kitchen, then you need a big, closed space with professional gadgets. So, you need to think these things through to create a plan about space, closed or open, big or small, etc.

Find The Right Kitchen Company

Once you have a plan in hand, you need the right professionals to carry this work. For this research, you need to look for an experienced kitchen company, who can help you renovate kitchen cabinets, flooring, etc depending upon your kitchen style preference.

The easiest option here to look for a provider that offers kitchen designs. You get everything in this package according to your requirements. But, to make the right choice, here are the steps to follow:

  • Check the website
  • Get a quote
  • Ask them for ideas
  • Check portfolio
  • Check online reviews

All these things will give you a fair share of ideas about the kitchen designer. You will know if they are worth your time and money or not. Once you have made this choice, hire kitchen renovations in Melbourne services and proceed with the task.

Decide Floor and Wall Structure

You go to your kitchen often. This is one of the most utilized rooms in your home, so you can leave out flooring and wall plans from this remodelling.

However, here, you need to consider sturdy flooring and wall coverings. This is because your kitchen is often subjected to water splashes, sauce spillages, and temperature changes. Your regular paint might not be able to withstand this change in temperature and heavy cleaning.

A feasible and beautiful option is to get tiles for the wall coverings and marble for the flooring. Both of these options are easily cleanable and maintainable. You can ensure cleanliness without any issue.

Do You Want Kitchen Island?

It is now a popular choice to add kitchen islands in the middle. If you need a kitchen island, you need to research extra on this. You can’t simply go to the market and hire anyone to do this job. For the kitchen island design, it is important to consult only experienced kitchen designers.

Appliances and Hardware

When you are considering kitchen remodelling in Melbourne, decide on the appliances and hardware that you need. This should be within the entire budget of the kitchen or should have a separate budget.

Further, if you are now upgrading your appliances and hardware, check star ratings for energy-efficient usage. 

Sink Design

Sink design is often ignored when it is an important element in your kitchen. You need to adjust the sink layout based on two factors:

  • The size
  • The kitchen design

If you need a big sink because more people live in your house, then you need to design that accordingly.

Further, your sink should match the rest of the kitchen. If your taps and accessories are metallic and the sink is silver, then that won’t match.


One of the major reasons to renovate your kitchen is for proper layout and storage. So, spend extra time on kitchen cabinets. Decide the spacing, layout, and placement. Whether you need a covered top-shelf or no top shelf. If you want extra storage, then cover cabinets till the ceiling and get some extra space.

You also need to consider the material of the cabinets for long-term effectiveness.


The major element in your kitchen is lighting. If you already have too much natural light, then just adding light colours will make your kitchen brighter. If your kitchen is small with no natural light, then you need an expert to set up the lighting. In this case, lighting will make your kitchen look brighter and appropriate.