Top 8 Jobs for Students in 2020

A recent study shows that around 70% of the students work while attending college. Getting part-time employment is a great way to meet new people, earn extra cash, and boost your CV. There are lots of jobs available that offer weekend and night hours to eligible students. Some of them are conducive to college schedules, while others support them with a decent wage. Guaranteed, they are far better than to discover how to track and monitor text messages from a target device and earn money.

If you also want to earn extra cash to pay the minimum bill, go through these complied jobs list.

Top 8 Jobs for Students in 2020

Virtual Assistant

Professional businesses are looking for a virtual assistant for outsourcing their task. It could be scheduling, daily tasks, appointment setting, and more. So, it’s a fit job for admin-savvy whiz possessing administrative experience. The best thing about this job is that all work is performed remotely. Isn’t it a sweet deal?

Other than this, it includes duties like managing financial data, website, IT, and booking reservation. The average pay is $15.64/hour approximately.

Call Center Representative

Companies hire a call center representative to answer their customer queries. Most students prefer this job as they want weekend availability and free evening. If you have good command on language and speak clearly, try it out. And if you possess previous experience, it’s the icing on the top.

It includes duties like reading the pre-determined script, managing calls, selling products, and resolving customer issues. The average pay is $13.28/hour.

Staffing Jobs

If you are seeking ultimate flexibility and variety, try on-demand staffing jobs. It straightaway connects you with top companies. These companies require general labor, merchandising, and warehouse operators. Once you are approved for the job, you are all set to make bucks.

It includes duties like order picking, sorting, inventory control, packing, and administrative work. The average pay is $10-18/hour.

Food Service Worker

One of the most famous jobs for students is food servicing. For example, taking orders, bartending, food preparation, washing dishes, etc. Not only it offers flexibility but also offers extra income, i.e., tips. You can try it out during peak holiday seasons. The average pay for food service workers depends on the state.

Sales Associate

Another most commonly-held job for students is the sales associate position. They are the same as that of food service jobs that allow you to enjoy flexibility. It also offers shift coverage and scheduling during stressful school weeks.

There are lots of sales associate jobs that open up on peak holiday months. You can easily grab any of those and make extra money on break. Other than selling, you need to do cash handling and organizing store inventory. The average pay starts at minimum wage rates set by the state.


If you possess the wherewithal and knowledge to tutor, you can earn high rates. You can easily find tutoring jobs in online formats, tutoring programs at private firms, universities, or remotely. No matter which platform you pick, surely, you will feel gratified from this job. With simple duties like test preparation, essay coaching, and subject tutoring, you get anywhere from $30-85.

Gym Receptionist

Are you a fitness freak? Then no job better than being a gym receptionist. It offers a great scheduling opportunity if your college is a traditional one. Some gym offers deep discounts or offers to employees, and you can get benefited from it. It demands duties like cleaning equipment, signing new membership, checking guests, and recordkeeping task. On average, you make $12.40 per hour. That’s far better for a fitness freak.


Are you searching for summer employment options? Try out for a lifeguarding position. Get a job as a lifeguard from swim centers, beaches to hotels easily. Your job is to monitor the swimming area, weather, and swim parties. However, you have to get certified before applying for this job. Make $9.16/hour as a pool lifeguard.


Luckily, you don’t have to go with pitfall jobs that tell you to discover how to track and monitor text messages from a target device and earn money. Try these cool employment options and earn pretty decent money. Don’t miss the golden chance to meet new people every day.