Top 8 Free Webtoon and Manga Websites you can download pdf in 2021

You can keep your favorite manga with you anytime, anywhere by downloading them to your personal device. Instead of unstable Internet connection and suspicious pop-up ads, you can choose to download manga. Here we have some helpful and totally free software for Windows (and gladly some for other OS, too) that allow you to browse and get manga via URL address or directly from their platform. Note that your manga may come to you as a various options of format such as CBR, CBZ, JPEG, or PDF and more.

You might be surprised that Korean entertainment projects and industries focus on American celebrities and on the US market to export content such as Webtoon and personal titles.  things like Ben 10 Games, Ben 10 Aliens, Batman games, Spiderman games, … Very different from the Japanese, focusing on the domestic market.

1. Free manga has quite an old-school interface but it can help you download any manga, manhwa, manhua, comics and more on popular comic reading sites, like MangaGo, MangaPanda, MangaHere and MangaTown. You work directly on their platform – browsing those sites and downloading their contents. The software’s interface is self-explanatory with sections of site, language, title search and a title list where you can select to download your desired chapters. The software supports multiple formats (EPUB, CBR, PNG and JPG) and has their own manga reader (for offline manga only). They support Windows, macOS and Linux OS.

This freeware is light-weight and requires a very basic operation system. On its main interface, there are two main parts – the View section which works similar to Menu, and the Source section which presents two websites ( and for manga browsing and downloading with yaoi, yaoi manga, yaoi novel. One thing to keep in mind is that this software is Java-based, which means your computer should have JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

3. Boys Love This downloader provides their own cloud library where you can choose to download your preferred titles. Although downloading contents from websites is unavailable, you can read their manga and comics online. They come in JPG format, which means individual images only, instead of e-book-like types. They support over 40 languages, which is a huge plus for international manga fans.

4. Free Comic Online
FCO The downloader has an interface that is easy to navigate. They support two English websites and, along with some korean webtoons comic reading sites. If you want to download more than 10 chapters at the same time, choose Add to Queue and click Start Queue when you’re content with the number of chapters. They originally download manga in the form of JPG images, but you can choose to compact them into PDF or ZIP with their file converter option.

5. Read Free Comics
You can download manga on Windows with ease by using .  You need to copy the URL address of the manga and begin your download, or put them into Queue to download multiple files, which is an option you can optimize in their Settings. They also guarantee their software is relatively fast and doesn’t take up much CPU or RAM. Lovely!

This is considered exclusive free manga and manhwa webtoon downloader. You can only obtain offline manga on this particular site, but worry not because their manga collection is vast and well-updated. You paste a Webtoon’s URL, select the chapters and hit download. The files can be in PDF, CBZ or RAW. An advantage of this site is that it works fine on Windows, Unix and macOS. Their instruction is also greatly detailed.

Another option for you is, which supports multiple well-known sites such as free manga, yaoi, Manhwa Webtoon, MangaFox, MangaAccess, SpectrumNexus and UnixManga. Their layout is clean and easy to work with. Aside from downloading your desired contents in CBR and JPG format, the software allows users to read manga online from those sites.

8. Free Webtoon Coins is compatible with website browsing. On the software, you can look through Freemanga,, MangaFox, Mangareader, EatManga and other free manga reading sites. They have some unique features, including converting JPG format into ZIP, HTML, PDF and CBZ, and also tools for cropping, resizing and waterwark removing. Its latest update was in 2015, but it works just fine and nice.

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