Top 8 Applications of Panoramic Aerial Photography!

Generally, the term aerial photography is known as taking photographs of the ground from an elevated direct-down position. In this kind of photography, the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Aerial photography is been done by a variety of professions such as architects, engineers, and many more.


The platforms which are used for doing aerial photography include helicopters, UAV’s Choppers, etc. So, if you are looking for the perfect sight of images from above. Then panoramic aerial 360 photography in New York gives you the perfect superiority of aerial views. It offers clear views of buildings and landscapes which cannot be captured from the ground. 


The use of Aerial Photography is an objective manner to retrieve data or information about ongoing life-saving activities. Usually, it can be used to save on manpower, reduce costs to a project, and increase safety. Aerial Photography is considered as one of the major factors for marketing and attracting the clients in this competitive world. The aerial Photography industry can show their most essential features, products, or services from a very different and unique viewpoint which is not possible to capture through traditional photography.


Nowadays, drone photography captures the images by an unmanned aerial vehicle which is controlled by a remote. These UAV’s are most commonly known as Drones. Basically, these vehicles are equipped with HD cameras for capturing videos or images from a distance while flying overhead. 


Aerial Photography


Applications of Panoramic Aerial Photography:


Nature and Wild-Life:


The most important benefit of doing aerial photography is concerning with environment. As it is quite familiar, that environment changes over time to times so aerial photography helps in raising awareness. Moreover, it is a good method of doing campaigning. With the use of this photography, one can easily identify the changes which are rarely detected from the ground. In addition to it, these photos share the information and aware the people about the sudden changes in the environment.  



Today, aerial photography has become one of the most important parts of mapmaking processes. These photographs offer a straight-forward representation of the physical and cultural landscape of an area. The aerial images supply geographers, ecologists, archaeologists, historians, or some other professionals a pictorial image of their studies. If you are looking for a stunning interactive aerial image. Then you must opt for 360 photography view studies in New York and get high-resolution images with clarity. 


Urban Planning:


The aerial images which consist of high resolutions have gained popularity among developers, planners, and also engineers for land development applications. When the information gathers from aerial images start combining with Geographic Information System (GIS). Then it is used for analyzing and evaluation in urban planning. 




The aerial photographs enable more interventions and techniques in the field of agriculture. The precision agriculture is basically a farming management concept that responds to intra-field variations. Usually, it relies on new technologies such as aerial imagery as well as information technology. 




In the most recent years, it has been found that aerial photography is been used more and more in the practice of investigation or reporting. Basically, it gives the geographical idea of a location where it illustrates the information in front of the public. On the one side where the general crises increased, the journalist is exposed to more danger. But with the use of aerial photographs, it might minimize the risk of danger.


Monitoring System:


On a big scale like earth monitoring, aerial photos are been used to complement the satellite images in order to authorize data interpretation. On the other hand, specifically in the circumstances of rapid change, the aerial images can get direct feed with constant information about the existing surveillance system. These systems evolve the functions of huge properties, maritime domains, and many more. 




The term tourism involves the eco-tourism and vacation industries. They usually use Aerial Photography for presentation and proposal strategies. Eventually, the aerial images are used for the promotional appeal of tourism which includes landscapes, sceneries, cultural heritage, and a wide range of other tourism amenities. All the resorts, property owners, hotels, or travel agents make use of aerial photographs for tourists. Also, they acquire all the information regarding their desired locations.


First Response:


With the help of aerial photography, it provides valuable information for emergency services. It helps in saving the lives, minimizes health impacts, ensures public safety, and meet with the basic needs of people. It has the ability to provide the impression of damages about rapid change environment specifically, in situations like earthquakes, flooding, etc. In short it prevents hazards at first response stage.