Top 8 Android Strategy Games

Sometimes it becomes very hectic to find out the games of your choice. If you are a zealous gamer of strategy games, don’t bother searching games here and there but find top android strategy games with a short review for each below:

1. Great Little War Game:

A turn-based strategy game for the android that features players leading tiny armies into ferocious battles, while making use of terrain to try and gain an advantage over their enemies. The collection of rings throughout the board gives players the resources to upgrade and purchase better weapons and units. One innovation from this game is the hexagonal grid board that provides a more dimensional look to the field.

2. Plants vs. Zombies:

This is an irreverent tower defense game that has you planting rows of defending vegetables around a house to try and stem the Plants Vs Zombies Unblocked Games surging forward. Great pacing and gameplay make this a stand-out favorite in the genre.

3. Fieldrunners:

An early tower defense game, this classic has finally been brought to the Android and updated with stunning hi-res graphics that are specifically optimized for phones and tablets. The gameplay is fairly standard, but tried and true with a smooth interface that keeps the action coming and the levels challenging.

4. Greed Corp:

This is a cross-platform multiplayer game for up to 4 players at a time. The situation pits your corporation against others, as you try and grab all of the resources, while strategically positioning your opponents to end up stranded with no fuel to go anywhere.

5. Anomaly: Warzone Earth:

This is a game that turns tower defense on its head, requiring you to send troops out in an attempt to survive massive bombardments from enemy artillery. This is accomplished by switching up units, paths, and directions to try and find the best road through the carnage of war.

6. Hack and Cheats:

A tower defense Hack and Cheats game with fairly standard features. However, what makes it stand out are the fun and zany graphics that accompany every scene, adding delightful little characters that you just can’t help but blow up.

7. Robotek HD:

A game that combines strategy and luck, as two players pit their massive mechanized warriors against one another. By combining the element of chance, with only a small part to play in the ending, this game attains an exciting “anything can happen” feel.

8. Blockudoku:

This is the last in a trilogy of tower defense games brought to you by Origin8, and it turns out to be the best of the three. Known for rich details such as the ability to earn interest on stockpiled money between turns, the Blockudoku game, with a lot of depth for you to play with and explore. Featuring new hero units with powerful special abilities that can completely alter your strategies.