Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Latrobe?

Have you been to the city of Latrobe? This marvelous city is worth watching which will present you with a lot of attractive places. Visit this city which is situated in Australia and is home to various many beautiful sites. 

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Watch out for all the splendid locations in this city which are popular and are valuable to see. 

Let us check some of the famous sites to check-in:

The Chocolate WinterFest!

The Chocolate WinterFest is the most exciting site to visit which is celebrated every year at Christmas. This festive site allows all the couples who are recently married to visit this place. Come and be a part of this fest which is all about activities here including egg throw, the thrilling wood chopping, ferret racing, model boat sailing, and much more. You will confidently relish this place, so don’t forget to miss this house for extreme fun and enjoyment. 

Sherwood Hall

Sherwood Hall is a prodigious place to visit which was completed in 1970 by Lady Franklin, who remainedon the island and visited Latrobe. But inappropriately, this hall got extremely damaged by the flood from the Mersey River. However, this hall got renovated after 1995, as a unique colonial timber house. The group was formed to restore and preserve and reserve the beauty of this attractive Sherwood Hall. So, guys make a journey to this place to capture and travel to the most exclusive and architecturally-designed beauty by the artist.

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Saint Vincent Gristmill

Saint Vincent Gristmill was built by the Benedict monks which is a huge structure that was present at Saint Vincent College. Come to this place where all these Saints were here for the Steelers training camp and they used to during their training camp wander around the campus on days. This place which also houses the original part was built in 1854. Drop into this site which is a four-story frame structure and has a height of about 45 feet by 40 feet and is worth watching and exploring. 

Latrobe Skating Center

Latrobe Skating Center is an amusing place to visit which is positioned in the center of the Latrobe. Reach this place which is famous for its huge area and permits to roll in a family-operated and roller skating rink. Visit this center which is available for all age groups. 

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Hanna’s Town

Hanna’s Townhouses are made up of wood; his place was built in the late 1700s and is a famous town renowned for its colorful vintage. Visit this town which is in the latest decades and was rebuilt and is restored most beautifully. Visit this place that comprises the three vintage houses of the late 18th century, the recreated Hanna Tavern Courthouse, the famed blacksmith shop, and a wagon shed.

Fort Ligonier

Fort Ligonier follows the early American heroes like the very famous George Washington. Visit this site which was a reconstructed fort from the French and Indian War. Drop into this fort which was once a part of a chain of forts. This famous fort was used by the Britishers during their successful capture of France to provision the British troops. 

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Twin Lakes Park

Twin Lakes Park is an attractive park that has tracks to relish the scenic lake view standup sheltering a big playground for kids. Visit this celebrated park which is worth watching and stroll this place during the evening hours along the lakes. Reach this place to capture the impressive pictures along with the good-looking parks and the two lakes. You will find this popular park holds tons of activities including the famous boat rider, sports events, beautiful garden views, and various attractions for the tourist. Reach this stunning park to have a great time here and enjoy the full day with your family.

Westmoreland Museum of American Art

Westmoreland Museum of art is a faultless place to visit during rainy days with small kids. This museum is a place devoted especially to kids covering the museum inside, well-known huge sculptures, and superior state-of-the-art galleries, and many more. Step into this museum, with kids to apply one whole day and make them have fun. 

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