Top 7 Tips How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

For a girl that wants to go natural, curly hair is a gift from God. But, curly hair could prove quite troublesome without a proper hair care routine. 

It’s not about the products – It’s about the process of helping your hair with natural growth. 

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Learn Hair Maintenance 101 

The best lesson you can get from any stylist or other woman in the community is that growing natural hair is a process. It takes a lot of time to attain the beautiful natural weave. 

Still, even if it takes some time to reach results, growing natural hair is a thing to enjoy. Growing natural hair helps you to get in touch with your inner goddess. Through daily processes, you learn how to care for your hair and your body as well. 

But, before you get into all of that, learn about hair care basics. 

Equipment for Hair Care Routine

The physical part of the routine refers to combing, washing, and treating your hair with hair equipment. It’s best to get a few pieces of equipment for your type of curly hair. Then, handling your hair becomes easy, and you damage your hair less during treatment.  

Learning How to Care for Your Hair Type 

Another thing you want to learn about is your hair type. There are several things about your hair to follow, including your hair type and hair porosity. Porosity refers to the amount of moisture your hair keeps. Depending on the hair type and porosity level, you need a specific hair routine. 


Once you learn the basics of hair care, proceed to the physical hair treatment. Combing your hair is necessary for all types of curly hair, especially for thicker hair. 

Comb your hair daily, and do it at least once per day. When you comb the hair, you remove weak and broken hair strands, making your hair healthier. 

Another thing combing can help you is preparing the hair for organic product routine. Once you comb the hair, hair strands spread, opening the scalp to receive nutrients. 

You can even comb your hair before and after the shower. It helps you to prepare the hair to receive the nutrients from the organic products. 

But, combing the hair is a part of the overall physical haircare routine.  

Physical Haircare Routine

There is more to the physical haircare routine than combing. The physical part of the haircare routine keeps your scalp healthy and helps the effectiveness of the products. 

The usual physical haircare routine includes combing, washing your hair, drying the hair without a fan, among others. Usually, a physical haircare routine is the first step of the overall hair routine. 

Aside from combing, techniques for drying the hair without a fan are super-effective when applying raw ingredients. For example, you need to know how to dry your hair without restricting the hair from absorbing nutrients. 

To make the physical part of the routine more effective, get to know your hair better. See how it reacts with products and cleaning practices. 

Haircare Routine 

Then, you are ready for the actual haircare routine. Aside from the physical part of the routine, haircare has the primary element of using organic products. 

For this, you’ll get a few organic products and start using them as a part of your hair care routine. It’s best to start with general products like shampoos and conditioners. 

Shampoos and conditioners are products for everyday use. Browse online for organic products for your type of curly hair. 

Apply them regularly during the shower. Before you buy any products, ascertain the state of your hair. If your hair is highly-damaged, go for products with lots of nutrients such as keratin. 

Also, look for products rich in vitamins and minerals. The ingredients should help your hair recover. 

After a month or two of using organic hair products, evaluate their results. See whether your hair is thicker, longer, or has a different color. 

Depending on the results, add other organic products and try raw ingredients. 

Use Raw Ingredients


The great thing about natural hair is that you get to use raw ingredients. As the name implies, organic raw ingredients are organic consumable products you take in their raw form. 

The most notable example of raw ingredients is coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter. When you buy these ingredients, you put them on your hair without any previous preparation. 

Conditioners and shampoos are excellent during hair washing, but ingredients are better for pre and after the routine. For example, you can use the raw ingredients after combing and after washing your hair. 

For example, you could add Chebe powder before you wash your hair. Once you rinse the powder out, then you can add coconut oil after the wash. 

A simple routine like this could help your hair to grow thicker and with more volume. It’s all about the products you choose to use.

Learn About Products 

Understanding the principles of hair care and hair porosity is simple. The hard part of going natural is knowing what and when to use when it comes to organic hair products. 

The right formula of organic hair products can help you grow natural hair in no time. However, using the wrong selection of products could make your hair quality deteriorate. 

The hardest part of the natural hair process isn’t the commitment to repeat the routine for a year. It’s the commitment to learn and test new haircare products constantly. 

Without learning about new products and their effects, you are missing the huge opportunity. And, even worst, you are missing about to partake in the natural hair community. 

Share Your Journey

However, the worst thing you could do is to not partake in the natural hair community. While you can take this as a solitary experience, give the natural hair community a try. 

Just imagine, a dozen of women share their journeys, fears, enjoyment, and excitement while growing natural hair. You bet they are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. 

Instead of extensive learning about products, ask other women for advice on what products to buy and routines to try. 

That’s a much faster way to progress and grow that beautiful natural weave. Dive into the well of female power. 

Get Help For Curly Hair 

Remember that growing natural hair is a process. And, it’s a process that pushes you to understand your body and hair. 

Learn about natural products. Enjoy the process, and let your natural hair-free.