Top 7 Things that make Superheroes Wallpapers 4K the Best Phone Background App

Tired of the same boring background on your phone screen? You can always spruce things up by changing new and awesome 4k wallpapers that match your preference with a wallpaper changing app. Superheroes Wallpapers 4K in one such example. But what makes it THE BEST choice for your android phone? Here are the top 7 things that make this app different:

Universal App

Several wallpaper apps do not work quite the same for every phone. This inconsistency in the app design, features and even wallpaper sizes makes most of these wallpaper apps difficult to use on different phones. If you have been wishing for a wallpaper app that works consistently across all your Android phones, your wish has come true!

More Than 17 Categories to Choose From

Are you a Marvel fan? Or a DC Fan? The app has wallpapers for both! With over 17 different categories to choose from, you can easily browse through your favourite DC & Marvel wallpapers and decorate your phone screen with a high-quality wallpaper of your favourite superhero (or supervillain).

Minimal User Interface

For a hassle-free experience and an uncluttered feel, the app’s user interface sports a dark and minimal theme that is easy on your eyes. It also enhances the vibrance of the high-resolution superhero wallpapers that it has in its various collections. Get ready for a premium look and feel for your phone!

Best suited for HD, QHD and 4K Resolutions

Quality must be the middle name of this app. The team of moderators handpicks every wallpaper for the app’s collection. Keeping a close eye on the latest trends circulating across the globe, the team carefully selects only the choicest of high-resolution wallpapers to enhance the beauty of your phone.

Enhanced Accessibility

One of the greatest features of this app is the enhanced accessibility it provides in terms of changing wallpapers. The app has an in-built auto wallpaper changer that can set the $K wallpaper of your choice to your home screen and lock screen with just a few clicks. No more downloading and searching the wallpaper in the gallery!

Regularly Updated Collections

The team at work behind this app is quite mindful of the themes of the trending wallpapers around the world. After a thorough analysis of worldwide trends that keep changing from time to time, the app keeps you updated with the latest additions to its wallpaper collections.

100% Free

So far you have read about six reasons why you should give this 4K wallpaper app a try. We have saved the best reason for the last, though. The app is 100% free to use! Yes, you read that right. No ser is charged a single penny for getting access to one of the most amazing high-resolution wallpaper collections, or for downloading a wallpaper and setting it to your phone’s home screen or lock screen.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Download the app right away and never get bored with your phone’s wallpaper again!