Top 7 Steel Fabricators to look for in Dubai

Steel is an important raw material for many manufacturing industries such as furniture production, construction industry, defence, automobile, and power systems. As a move to strengthen its economy and reduce the dependence on the oil industry, the Dubai government has always promoted a diversified economy. Today, the construction industry, defence industry, and many other core manufacturing industries can be found across the UAE. Dubai specifically has been a hub of industrial and manufacturing activities owing to infrastructure development, ease of connectivity, and access to manpower.

The raw material for these sectors is also supplied from Dubai as local vendors have worked to capitalize on the internal demand created by the flourishing economy. Specifically, Dubai has some of the best steel fabricators in GCC inline with great market opportunities. Let us take a look at some of the best steel fabricators in Dubai. 


Al Qaser
Founded almost 2 decades ago, Al Qaser Fabrication works has emerged as a market leader in Dubai. One of the best steel fabricators and engineering units in Dubai, the company has always kept innovation at the core of its business. They offer fabrication services of stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Al Qaser had long realized that the corporate market requires quality products made with precision. They have a state of the art machinery division, to ensure that every product is delivered to the customer’s utmost satisfaction by using a survey platform. The company is also ranked high on ATNInfo – one of UAE’s highly popular business directories. Al Qaser is now the go-to firm for heavy fabrication projects in any segment as the company’s manpower and technical bandwidth is matched to none. 

Rasana engineering industries
Rasana Engineering Industries is one of the oldest steel fabricators in Dubai. Founded in 1971, engineering solutions lie at the heart of the company. The company is still a dominant name in the market after 50 years. One of the reasons for the company’s success is its massive portfolio and ability to handle the most complex fabrications with ease. The company is a proud recipient of the ISO 9001 certification. Rasana is one of the preferred contractors for both private and government projects. They have a wide range of experience ranging from schools, colleges, hospitality sectors, and residential segments to name a few. With experience and quality work, they have proven themselves to be the team for complex solutions at an affordable cost. One of the most searched names on business directories like ATNInfo and Yellow Pages you can rely on this company for all your fabrication needs. 


Bright steel & aluminum
A fairly new company in the market, the company is thrilled to have made a sizable impact in the fabrication industry in Dubai. Bright Steel & Aluminium offers steel, aluminum, and copper fabrication products. Their wide range of services such as access panel manufacturing, shelving systems, factory-produced steel furniture, and customized ducting systems have made them immensely popular. They also work in the Interior decor industry, focussing on doors, cabinets, cupboards, and cladding products. The company has set up dedicated design and execution designs for each industry to meet the customer’s requirements. The company is growing to be one of the popular Steel fabricators in Dubai. 


3C Metal
A French company, 3C Metal is a steel fabrication company made exclusively to cater to the complex and challenging structure requirements of the ONGC world. Dubai and the rest of UAE have many oil and petroleum projects on the go always, and 3C Metal entered Dubai to work with them. 3C Metal Middle East has carved a niche for themselves in high-pressure piping systems which makes them a top choice for the oil and petroleum companies in Dubai. 3C Metal has opened a massive manufacturing facility in Dubai with large project management, technical, and product teams. They have been constantly innovating in their service and product range to become the leading steel fabricator in Dubai. With a flourishing oil industry, 3C surely has a huge scope in Dubai. 


Abbas Steel 
Abbas Steel has been in the Dubai fabrication market for close to 40 years. They offer a wide range of solutions including stainless steel fabrications of handrails, cabinets, SS sheets, steel hangars, escalators, doors, and brackets. They have acquired a sizable client base across many other heavy-duty industries and work round the clock to deliver quality products in a lesser turnaround time. Abbas Steel also collaborates with many interior companies to supply them custom made doors, cabinets, interior storage solutions, and shelving units. Their experience and large product range has made one of the most trusted steel fabricators in Dubai. 


ABF Industries
Founded in 2005, ABF Industries have been consistent in their services as a construction and fabricator contractor in Dubai. They have serviced a diverse range of companies from the construction, petrochemical, infrastructure, and retail industry as well. ABF Industries prides itself on being more than just a fabricator by providing engineering and project management consultancy services to clients. ABF Industries is involved in steel fabrication for large scale MEP projects, telecommunication projects, prefabricated structures, and facade works for residential construction. Their expertise and strong business sense have made them a popular steel fabricator in Dubai. Their success has also taken them to UAE, India, and China for complex projects. They have established a strong marketing presence everywhere by listing in various business directories such as ATNInfo, Yellow Pages, AIWA, and Dubai business directory. 


Amzan Middle East
Amzan Middle East was established in Dubai in the year 2004. Initially, they started as a turnkey Interior decor company but have many steel fabrication projects under their belt now. They are involved in MEP works, acoustic installation, Corporate Interior fit-outs, kiosk manufacturing, exhibition stands, and furniture work as well. With a 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Dubai Industrial Estate, Amzan has clients across banking, corporate, real estate, hospitality, and fitness sectors. It is the company’s dedication to deliver quality products within the time frame and its expert team of architects, designers, and engineers who are responsible for their immense success. With many big names in their portfolio, Amzan has established a strong foothold in the field of fabrication in Dubai

Above mentioned are some of the top steel fabricators companies on Atninfo. There are many such companies listed from which you can choose the one as per your requirment.