Top 7 Signs You Might Need A Locksmith For Your Mclean Home

In the US, around 4 million burglaries happen every year. The majority of them are through the front doors. What’s keeping your front door safe? The door lock, right? And is it in its best condition? If you have any doubts before saying a yes, it’s time to stop ignoring or delaying the repairs.

There are several criminals out there waiting to find a house that is easy to get into. You can ensure yours is not of them by beefing up the security. The best approach is to hire a professional locksmith in Mclean VA and get your door and window locks inspected for any damages.

Here is a list of the top 7 signs you might service of a professional locksmith for your Mclean home.

The Lock Is Stuck Or Is Too Difficult To Operate

The first sign of a failing door lock is that it gets difficult to lock or open it. Most of us simply ignore the stuck key as long as we can recover it. What we do not realize is that there is an underlying issue interrupting the normal operation. If you find yourself struggling with entering or removing the key from your lock, it’s best to hire a locksmith for a quick inspection. A professional can check the lock for damages and fix it before it becomes a threat to your safety.  

The Lock Has A Few Decades Under Its Belt

You can tell a lock needs to be replaced by checking its age. If you have been living in the house for years and don’t know when was the last time the lock was replaced, hire a locksmith. 

Keep an eye out for signs of a failing lock. You may also need the services of a professional locksmith to replace the old and deteriorating locks without damaging the doors. Your safety is one thing you should never compromise on!

Loose Screws

Screws hold up the assembly for traditional door locks. Excessive use or abuse of the lock can loosen the screws compromising your safety. If you feel that the knob is not in its right place and some screws are losing their grip, replace the lock. Those who do not have the money to spare for replacement must call a professional to fix it. It is highly recommended to check all of the door and window locks of your home before leaving for vacation.

Rust And Corrosion Around The Lock

Everything seems fine with the lock and key but you can see rust and corrosion around the lock. This indicates that the lock has been subject to high moisture content. The rust affects the integrity of the lock and it may weaken the security of your house. Search for a competent locksmith in Mclean and get it replaced.

You Are Locked Out Of Your House

This tops the most common reasons for calling a locksmith. And keys happen to be the most frequently lost item in the world. If your house keys are lost or stolen and you are stuck outside your home, look for the spare keys. If there aren’t any, check your house for any open windows and contact any of your friends that can offer immediate help. The best course of action is to search for a reliable locksmith and request emergency services to resolve the lockout.

A Recent Theft/Burglary

You do need to hire a locksmith for your Mclean home after a theft or burglary. If the intruders entered the house through locks, get it replaced. Even it is not damaged, there is someone out there with the keys to your home. You should hire a locksmith to rekey your locks on replacing them entirely. That holds when you move into a new house!