Top 7 Secrets To Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

In this busy lifestyle maintaining kidney’s health plays a vital role in our general health. Chronic kidney disease is now becoming a major health concern.

Around 10 to 15 % of the world’s population is suffering from this disease and around 1 million people are dying every year. Several people are having end-stage kidney disease and taking treatment like dialysis and kidney transplantation.

But recovery from this disease is a big challenge for them. As these treatments are not affordable for everyone which creates a financial burden on them.
Several causes are included under the increased risk for developing kidney diseases like diabetes mellitus, blood pressure, or any history of kidney failure.

Symptoms related to kidney disease are blood in urine, back pain, burning micturition, shortness of breath, less urination and dark-colored urine, swelling in feet, hands, legs, ankles, and face, etc.

Ayurveda becomes a new hope for these sufferers because the herbs used in Ayurvedic formulations possess healing properties that resolve these ailments. Ayurveda not only focuses on the symptoms but also resolves the disease from its root cause.

Kidney disease can be prevented by changing diet and lifestyle that keeps the kidneys in a good manner. Let’s discuss about the 7 secrets for a good and healthy functioning of kidneys.

Eat a Healthy Diet-

Most of the time kidney problems arise due to several health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Eating a healthy diet means eating a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients which have been taken up by the body.

Eating fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and grains works as a tonic for the body. Reduce or avoid the consumption of salty, oily, and fatty foods.

Keep The Body Hydrated-

Drinking a lot of water keeps the kidneys healthy and maintains their healthy functioning. This can assess by straw-colored urine that expels out. Excessive sweating can cause dehydration which must be restored by taking an adequate quantity of water.

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is enough for the body as excessive drinking would not help to keep the working of kidneys in a better way.


Unhealthy food and living habits increase body weight and blood pressure. Doing exercises like cycling, swimming, and walking for 30 minutes daily can help to maintain blood pressure and reduce body weight. Keeping blood pressure and blood sugar level in the normal range will keep the kidneys healthy.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Consumption-

Smoking caused damage to the blood vessels and decreased blood flow in the kidneys. When the blood flow to the kidneys gets hampered they can’t function properly at an optimal level. It also increases the risk of high blood pressure and causes kidney damage. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to the damage of kidneys and their cells.

Health Supplements-

Intake of health supplements like vitamins harms the kidneys. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements that your plan to take.

Regular Kidney Function Tests-

Patients who are suffering from blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, or any cardiovascular diseases should go for a regular checkup. As it is a great part of their regular care because it possesses a greater risk of having kidney disease.

Drug Over Dosage

Various Non- steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, naproxen, etc if taken in overdose can lead to kidney damage. These are usually taken to get relief from pain related to arthritis. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine if you are suffering from kidney disease and a regular checkup of kidney function is necessary.

Along with these secrets, it’s better to opt for Ayurveda which will help to manage chronic kidney diseases and their associated symptoms. Various herbs like Varun, Bhumi amalaki, Punarnava, Gokshura, Shirusha, etc help to eliminate toxins and excess waste products.

It also manages the renal stone and urinary tract infections that are the main causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. Various herbal formulations like Re-Renal capsules, Renal 365, Urine flow capsules, UTI care capsules, Albumin care capsules, etc contain these natural herbs.

These herbal formulations provide relief in various symptoms like burning and less urination, proteinuria, blood in urine, etc. They show actions like soothing as well as calming effects on the urinary tract system

Being an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant it helps to expel infection from the body. With this preventive care, chronic kidney disease and its related symptoms can be managed naturally.

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