Top 7 Sales Proven Sales Closing Techniques to Convert More Sales

Salespersons come with different styles and persona. Several people cite one person better over the other but not one better without the skill of closing a sale. If you are wondering what the process of closing is all about, here is a brief introduction. Sales closing is the final step where the transaction is finalized. No matter how well you have performed throughout the process if you are not good at closing, you are no longer a good salesperson. Take a look at these proven techniques to close your sales. 

Use proper sales words in this process

Communication is the key at almost all the places where people interact with each other. The same is true when it comes to closing sales. Words play really an important role here. Try to use words that may generate confidence in the client’s mind. Your words should explain that you are providing the best possible solution to your client rather than just selling a product. 

The now or never approach

This is quite an effective approach to make the deal real quick. Here, the salesperson lists some factors that may speed up the decision-making process. In most cases, discounts and other offers are used to put some pressure on the client. And they start thinking that they will miss something if there is a delay. 

Take help from the principle of reciprocity

It proves that most people respond to positive action in a positive way. When you offer some additional product or service to your prospect for free, they may also respond to it in a positive way. In most cases, they end up buying your product. This is a widely used technique in closing sales. 

Utilize objections to close sales

On many occasions, the prospect has some objection but he/she is not telling you because of the communication gap. When you are close to reaching the conclusion, be clear about it. Ask the client about objections if he/she has any. It would let you know about the difficulty they are facing and clearing this confusion will finalize the deal. 

Apply the Benjamin Franklin law

The majority of people think of Benjamin Franklin as a prominent inventor and politician. But he was a great businessman too and he used a very peculiar technique. When he was confused about sales of a product, he would list down the pros and cons of that. After that, he would present this list to the client. If someone sees that the pros outnumber the cons, your chances of selling the product increase. 

Use the needs of the prospect as a tool to close your sales

This is a very effective technique used in closing sales. It works the best in cases when the client is not sure about the utility of your product. At first, make a list of the needs of your client and then take a look at your product. Find out the features in your product that matches with that of the need of your clients. More matches mean more chances of selling your products. 

Take help from alternatives to close the sale

Here, you proceed with several alternatives and your client has to choose one from it. Alternatives work the best in simplifying the decision-making process of your client. But you have to use the choices very carefully. The choices should be such that the preference of any choice should help in finalizing the deal. 

Final words

We hope this article helped you in knowing the best tips to close deals easily. Open-end questions are a very convenient tool for proceeding with the deal. This is because no one can answer those questions in Yes or No and you get enough chance to convince them.