Top 7 Reasons to Use Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

A fully functional website should be able to bring in more traffic. For this reason, including an intentional SEO tactic that observes who your buyers are and how they use to search. Also, there’s increasing competition when it comes to core keywords SEO practitioners need to target. This means more creative solutions like long-tail keywords are needed if you want to beat the competition. Experts offering SEO services have for long used long-tail keywords to take advantage of high-intent search traffic. Here are some of the benefits of long-tail keywords.

They have lower competition

Ranking long-tail keywords is not as complicated as short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have relatively low competition than the shorter ones. In fact, 70% of all web searches are from long-tail keywords. If you don’t focus on them in your strategy, you won’t drive quality traffic to your site.   

Better conversion rates

People applying long-tail keywords during a search understand why they need it. For this reason, more companies see better conversion rates from long-tail keywords since the content concentrates more on the site visitor’s desires. Anytime you search for long-tail keywords, Google will customize the search results based on your place, age, sex, as well as interests. Also, when two users are searching for a similar term, they can see different results. Therefore, long-tail keywords are beneficial as they assist you in optimizing your website for different search categories.

Your new or Low-authority pages will rank quickly

Numerous factors determine how Google ranks web pages. Such includes authority, quality, as well as significance. Giant industry players are dominating the rankings when it comes to high-competition keywords. This is because these pages usually have higher authority in the form of backlinks. However, if your web page is new, your authority won’t compete no matter the quality of your content. It will still be same thing even if you attract enough backlinks. Using specific long-term keywords will build highly relevant content and rank among lower-competition keywords without many backlinks on your page.

 They optimize your blog tactic

Your website can rank easily if you constantly create fresh content. To achieve this, keep a regular blog focused on the requirements and expectations of your target audience. You don’t have to worry on how to start, just use long-tail keywords to guide you. This will make you know what your audience is searching as it creates valuable content that address pain points when using said key phrases.

 You can get them from Google analytics

Keyword research that deals with long-tail terms isn’t as complex as people think. They come direct from your web analytics service like Google Analytics. When blended with Google Search Console, you can view the presentation of your preferred long-tail keywords, like search volume, as well as conversion rates. When it comes to Local SEO Services this data will enable you to pick the top ones for your SEO tactic.


To create an active organic search strategy, you may need to optimize for long-tail keywords. First, just know your mission and several long-term keywords you know you can target using quality content. Then, after crafting several blog post topics around the keywords, include them in a content calendar. 


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.