Top 7 Reasons to Use a Travel Management Company

Companies and startups have been making the big bang return of business travel possible by increasing business travel spending. However, your organization can gain a competitive advantage only by increasing the number of domestic and international business trips.

Also, your organization must implement an elaborate business travel program to make business trips successful. The program will focus on boosting employees’ work travel experience, helping them manage business travel risks, and controlling business travel costs.

But you need to deploy a dedicated travel manager and support staff to manage the business travel program efficiently. A travel management company helps your organization meet your business travel needs without deploying extra staff and escalating costs.

As specialized travel agencies, travel management companies meet your company’s work travel needs fully by providing a slew of services and tech solutions. In addition to helping employees organize business trips, they created opportunities for you to control travel costs.

If your organization still manages business travel internally, it is time for you to understand some of the benefits of partnering with a travel management company (TMC).

7 Reasons Why Your Organization Must Use a Travel Management Company

1. Ensure Travel Policy Compliance

While updating travel policies after the pandemic, you have to adopt both industry best practices and current business travel trends. You can consult the TMC to keep organizational travel policies up-to-date. At the same time, the TMC will help you manage travel policies without deploying a dedicated travel manager.

The TMS will make employees book flights, accommodations, and car rentals according to preset travel policies. Also, it will ensure that employees get trip approvals and set travel budgets before booking these travel solutions.

2. Meet Business Travelers’ Expectations

The choice of business travel products varies across employees. For instance, some employees look for safer accommodations, while others opt to stay in stress-free hotels. Hence, business travelers expect their employers to allow them to book their choice of business travel solutions.

You can provide employees with many business travel booking options by partnering with the right TMC. The TMC will enable employees to book their choice of travel products and services by accessing an extensive travel inventory. At the same time, employees can use the travel booking tools provided by the TMC to book business trips on their own.

3. Control Business Travel Costs

The right TMC will help your organization control business travel costs in a variety of ways. Firstly, it will reduce ongoing costs by making flights, hotels, cabs, and other essential business travel products at lower rates by negotiating with vendors. Secondly, the company with prevent work travelers from overspending by ensuring travel policy compliance.

Thirdly, the TMC will help you identify opportunities to curtail business travel costs by analyzing employees’ travel expense data. You can further use the right TMC to save money by avoiding the cost of duty of care resources.

4. Meet Duty of Care Obligations

Duty of care has become an integral part of post-pandemic business travel programs. Businesses focus extensively on keeping work travelers safe and stress-free by mitigating business travel risks. But most organizations lack the resources and networks to ensure the safety and security of employees engaging in international business travel.

TMCs help your business meet duty of care solutions by providing multilevel support to employees. They keep work travelers safe by delivering real-time travel alerts and warnings. Also, employees can manage emerging travel risks by contacting a dedicated travel manager deployed by the TMS.

Many TMCs further boost the safety and security of international business travelers by partnering with global health and security service firms. Hence, your organization can meet the duty of care obligations without investing additional resources.

5. Automate Travel and Expense Management

In addition to providing travel management services, many TMCs have launched unified travel and expense management software. Your organization can leverage the features and tools provided by the software to automate travel management and expense management processes.

Your employees can use the software to book their choice of business travel products at negotiated rates. At the same time, they can use the same software to submit travel expense claims early by generating automated expense reports.

6. Consolidate Travel Data

The increase in the number of business trips will make your fiancé team process additional travel expense claims. Also, you must speed up travel expense reimbursement to ensure that work travelers do not experience stress. You can save the time and resources required to process additional travel expense claims by partnering with a TMC.

Most TMCs these days provide consolidated travel expense reports. Your finance team can access a single report to review travel expenses incurred by multiple employees. The consolidated report will make it easier for you to track work travel expenses and find opportunities to control costs by making changes to the existing travel policies.

7. Leverage Cutting-Edge Technologies

Leading TMCs deliver superior services by leveraging new-generation technologies. They use intelligence technologies to ensure that employees do not violate organizational travel policies and commit travel expense fraud.

They speed up business travel booking by making personalized recommendations to employees based on their booking history and preferences. Likewise, they provide you with actionable insights gained by analyzing employee travel data using analytics.


Your organization can curtail the time, effort, and resources required to manage business travel programs by partnering with a reputable travel management company. But you should remember that services and tech solutions provided by individual travel management companies vary.

For instance, you can use certain travel management companies to automate travel and expense management processes by implementing travel management software. Likewise, you can allow employees to book their choice of business travel solutions when the travel management company provides access to an extensive travel inventory.

That is why; you must focus on partnering with a travel management company that meets your business travel needs fully without escalating upfront and ongoing costs. You should compare and shortlist travel management companies based on their services and tech solutions.

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