Top 7 Features & Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the fast-developing businesses on the online front. The whmcs cPanel reseller hosting gains a lot of profits by renting server space from a top reseller hosting company at reasonable prices. Reseller hosting is a service that offers clients an easy and affordable way to host clients. You can even help clients to start their hosting services online. You can choose reseller hosting if you have many websites to host, or are a web designer or developer. You can even choose reseller hosting as your full-time or part-time business.

The hosting site comes loaded with features for new clients who either want to host with you without actually needing any hardware or software support. The Best Reseller Hosting account comes with convenient setup plans and affordable hosting plans so that all your clients need to do is plug and play.

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Features and Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Below are some of the best features and benefits of using a Reseller Hosting Account:

1. Easy to set up plans

The setup of a reseller account is extremely easy and absolutely free. Each account comes with its own server space, Domain names, hosting applications, and so many other features. The account offers zero charges on setting up – all you need to pay is for your chosen account plan.

2. Added Features with each account

Best Reseller hosting accounts usually come loaded with features such as choices between Linux or Windows reseller hosting accounts, affordable web hosting plans, custom-made hosting solutions, domain names, free web applications and so many such features with each account to be benefitted from.

3. Customer Care Services

One of the most important features for any hosting account is the ability to provide customer services. As a reseller account holder, your clients will be able to contact customer service support any number of times for their queries. The Reseller Hosting Account comes with dedicated customer service that helps solve your issues.

4. Migration from other Services

If you are someone who had a previous host and need to change to a new host, this migration is also possible and is executed by a trained professional who can help move all your old files from one host to another. You can even transfer your domain name from the old host to the new hosting account.

5. Safe and Discreet Payment Services

Most reseller accounts offer third-party payment services therefore your payment is authorized and facilitated by a certified third party vendor and none of your information with regards to the bank or credit card is disclosed to the hosting account. All your payments and credentials are safe and cannot be accessed by anybody else when you use them on a Reseller Hosting account.

6. Website Builder Options

Many resellers hosting accounts often offer website builders as well for those of your clients who only have a domain name and need to create a hosting account with images, data, and other details. Most reseller accounts provide you with templates with as many as 500 different options to choose from to create your website.

7. Continuous Technical Support

The reseller account holder also has access to continuous technical support in case of adding more profiles or features to your account such as migrating from one host to another, purchasing a new domain name, finding a Web Hosting Manager with Cpanel on your account, and many other such add-on features. You can be assured that trained professionals from the hosting service will help you set these things up for you.

These are some of the best features and benefits of using a Reseller Hosting Account. There are so many other features that may not be listed here based on the reseller chosen by you.


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