Top 7 Facts about Fake ID Cards That People Tend To Forget

Getting a fake id is a new normal for young people living in the US. Many have termed it a ‘rite of passage’ for college and university students. The main reason behind it is that many first-year students join college at the age of 18. In the US, you need to be 21 years. Only then do you an id card that can allow you to engage in fun activities like entering a casino or club.

If a first-year student waits until he is 21, he will complete his studies without engaging in fun activities. He is left out of most parties, and friends leave him behind. He cannot travel as that requires an official id. What then, they visit for the best fake ID cards on the market.

However, there are significant facts about getting a fake id that should always remain at your fingertips. These include:

  1. Fake Ids are Real

IDGod fake ids contain all essential security features. There is no significant difference visible to an untrained eye in comparison with a regular Government Issue ID. Therefore, you should be confident when using the fake id.

IDGod uses all security features present in a regular id card. The barcodes, fluorescent colors, magnetic stripes, and many more on your fake id. Any updates to state ids that may make theirs fake are immediately upgraded to match it.

  1. Fake Ids are Affordable

Getting a fake id is quite simple. The process does not cost much. The amount charged is around $50 and $100 on Any rumors indicating that fake ids are expensive are a lie.

Besides, the fake id website provides you with a backup id if you purchase just one. However, if you do the same for a group, you get reduced prices and receive backups for each. How cool is that!

  1. Fake Ids Pass Through Scanners

Fake id providers design ids with a scanner for testing, ensuring it passes every single time. They input the magnetic strip and swap it until it passes. The same applies to information scanners. You fake id will swap through providing your details to the establishment.

Fake id providers like IDGod ensure that their security features are as original as possible. Their barcodes and holograms are replicas of the real ones. Passing the id through a scanner proves the fake id to be real.

  1. Getting Caught with a Fake Id Leads to Legal Trouble

Fake ids, even from the best fake id providers, are illegal in the US. Getting caught while using one, whether underage or just lost your legal id, can lead to a jail term or huge fines. The jail term depends on the states where you commit the offense. The same applies to the fines.

Therefore, use a good quality fake id from IDGod to prevent such instances from occurring. Their ids instill confidence and can pass any scanner keeping you out of trouble.

  1. Fake Id does not save you from Drunk Driving

Alcohol abuse is not a reason to get a fake id. Once you have it, you do not get the liberty to drunk drive. If you know you will be drinking, do the responsible thing and get a driver.

A fake id is a huge responsibility as it gives you many opportunities otherwise denied to you. If you choose to use them in the wrong manner, you have to face the consequences. If caught, you may be charged with drunk driving in addition to owning a fake id.

  1. Fake Id is a Vast Market

Ordering a fake id website to generate and ship a fake id to you is not a simple process. The entire process costs not less than $50. Imagine that is the amount a fake id website makes from a single person. In a few hours, more than 100 people may order from the same websites. The fake id websites make approximately $5000 in a few hours. Read some review from Best Fake Id website

Calculate the amount in a day, a few days to a month, and then years, these companies are indeed thriving. Besides, their business ventures into drivers’ licenses, employment cards, birthday to wedding cards, and so much more!

  1. Fake Ids are easily Accessible via the Internet

Worried about getting a fake id and do not know how to go about it, Google it. You can find quality reviews on fake id websites with their contacts online. Use social media to identify legit platforms that people use, and you will find a way to order your first fake id.


Fake ids provide a chance at improving our lifestyle. However, everything you get has a side effect. Fake ids give your freedom, but that freedom comes with responsibilities. For instance, you cannot drink and drive. You will get into trouble, especially with a fake id.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.