Top 7 Essential Tips for Planning an Amazing Music Festival

Festivals are a great way to combine brands with entertainment and celebrations. Today, big music festivals like the Coachella draw a massive crowd and big international music stars. However, these large scale events with massive attendees and vendors are quite challenging to plan and execute. Planning these events require extensive research and organization that cannot be done alone.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to hosting music festivals like venue, food, facilities, and security. All these areas need to be approached individually, and one single mistake can cost you a lot of money and will affect the overall experience of the event. Behind successful music festivals, there are months of planning and experimentation to see what works best.

Your Ultimate Music Festival Event Planning Guide

Festival planning takes a lot of work. Here is an ultimate festival event planning guide for hosting excellent events.

1. Find the Perfect Venue

The most important task when planning a music festival is to find the perfect location. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to host an indoor or outdoor festival. If you want to host an outdoor music festival, then there are plenty of options like beautiful beaches in Dubai, clubs, etc. Similarly, if you want to host an indoor festival, you can go with Arenas, like the InterContinental Festival Arena in Dubai that can accommodate thousands of people.

When securing your event location, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the venue accessible by public transit?
  • Is there plenty of parking space for all your attendees?
  • Will your venue fit all your attendees?
  • Is there enough space for vendors and equipment?

Once you have decided on the perfect venue, you need to set the time and date of your event. If you are confused about your options, consult experiential event agency Dubai based experts today and host a fantastic event.

2. Book Talent and Vendors

When you are planning a music festival, you need to book talent and secure entertainment and vendors well ahead of time. Understand the theme of your festival and consider what your attendees will love to see. For example, you can introduce your lineup during event promotion and surprise your guests with a special performance from their favorite celebrity.

The same goes for vendors and suppliers. You need to book them a month before your event to secure all the event supplies. It includes booking food vendors, Security companies, stage prep, lighting, A/V Technology, etc. Even after you book your vendors, you need to create a backup list and have suppliers for essentials on standby.

3. Offer Plenty of Food Options

If you are hosting a music festival, chances are your attendees will be there the whole day, so make sure you provide them with plenty of food options. For example, you can partner with local food trucks for the event and have them placed strategically on the sidelines all around the venue. Make sure to offer a wide variety, e.g., hot and cold dishes, healthy food like salads, junk food, finger food, vegan, etc.

Food trucks are amazing because they have a small footprint, and they can offer a variety of cuisines for the attendees. You can also provide a seating area near the food trucks for a quick meal. Similarly, hydration is essential when it comes to festivals in hot weather. Even if you are hosting an indoor festival with optimal temperatures, drinks are essential. So, offer your attendees with different options.

4. Map out Traffic Flow

Another important factor in managing the traffic flow. You can keep people moving by mapping out the traffic flow of the venue. For example, you can set up barriers to keep the crowd moving smoothly at check-ins and security checkpoints. Similarly, offer more than one customer service area to reduce long lines that may affect foot traffic.

Also, make sure that you space out your stages to avoid overlap. You can use 3D tools to set up your stages in such a way that it is separate from the crowd area. Another important thing to consider is to make sure your crowd area is segmented into small sections and separated from barriers to monitor and control the number of attendees easily.

5. Offer Easily Accessible Restrooms

Accessibility should be a priority in your festival layout design. Make your festival equally accessible for all attendees to enjoy the music and performances. Provide easy access to the restrooms and lounging area and make sure your staff can communicate with all the people with different backgrounds and disabilities.

Place pathways for attendees on a wheelchair and offer a stable walking surface in case of an outdoor event as you don’t want people to trip over. Also, offer easily accessible bathrooms for males and females separate and around all exits to avoid congestion.

6. Design Backstage Area

Design a backstage area for your VIP artists and guests. Apart from performance stages, musicians and performers need a backstage area that is separate from the crowd. Just like the crowd area, this area needs to be big as it will accommodate performers, operating crew, and event planners. Apart from that, it will include loading docks, trailers, and dressing rooms.

Similarly, if you have an artist paying extra for VIP backstage entry passes or meet and greet, then you need to consider backstage area and space. It should be big enough to accommodate your VIP list without congestion. You can also create a separate entrance and gathering area for your VIP guests. 

7. Have an Emergency Plan in Place

Festivals don’t have any room for surprises or last-minute changes in logistics. Therefore, you need to prepare a site map of the venue marking all the essential areas like restrooms, lounging areas, parking space, eating area, emergency exits, etc. When planning a large public event like a music festival, it is essential to have an emergency plan in place along with safety instructions, emergency procedures, and exits all marked out.

Make sure your event staff is familiar with best practices in case of emergencies. Ensure a medical tent and an ambulance on-site for assistance and first aid. Similarly, place fire extinguishers in all the accessible placed in case of a small fire or electrical fuse to keep your attendees safe.

Host a Fun and Experiential Festival!

Festival planning requires skills that require the expertise of an event planner. So if you think you cannot keep up with the tips mentioned above, then have a contingency plan or simply consult an experiential event agency in Dubai for planning a successful and flawless music festival. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, music festivals are an amazing form of crowd-pleasing entertainment. These events attract a large number of audiences, making them perfect for brand promotion and entertainment. Planning these events, on the other hand, require a lot of organization and management, which might need a dedicated team depending upon the size of the crowd. So, make sure to consult professionals and plan a lively festival.