Top 7 books for your child’s first year

Do you love reading books? Are you eager to introduce the love for reading to your baby? Now, parents often ponder when to introduce books to babies. There is no particular time limit for introduction to this magical world. In fact, you can start when your baby reaches the one-year milestone.

What if my baby simply chews books and throws them away? Most parents have this question in mind. And it’s not wrong, and it does happen. The solution is to keep introducing hardbound books your babies can chew. However, the books must also have vivid and vibrant pictures. You can opt for English story books that have few words and more big images. That will definitely grab your baby’s attention.

Is introducing books at an early age a good idea?

Reading books offer multiple benefits to your children. Reading out stories to your baby aids in boosting their emotional and social skills. It also helps them develop intellectual growth, along with the urge to explore the world. With books, you can spark their imagination and help in the promotion of creative skills.

At the Brainy Bear Store, we have a vast collection of story books curated as per the age of babies. The Brainy Bear Story books are carefully selected to help your baby attain emotional, social and intellectual growth. These are exclusively penned by Indian authors in a bid to honor their exemplary writing. Here, you will find English and Hindi Story books.

Top 7 books for one-year old babies

Here is a list of exciting picture/board books for your precious one.

1.      Touch and Feel Colours

The Touch and Feel Colours by Om Books International is a perfect board book for your one-year old. The book is filled with colorful pictures and perfect textures. It is specially made for toddlers and urges their natural need to explore. It is a fantastic tool for early learning and helps parents bond with their children. You can simply point out the pictures and say the words out loud to engage them.

2.      Ammama’s Sari

Written and illustrated by Niveditha Subramaniam, Ammama’s Sari is an absolute delight. It is a perfect picture book for your one-year old baby. The plot of the picture book revolves around a torn sari of Ammama. Now, she is set to make something out of it, like a curtain, baby-sling, etc. The texture of the pictures is bound to give your baby a great sensorial experience.

3.      Train

Another excellent board book by Om Books International is Train. It is a colorful picture book that focuses on different types of trains. It is a must-have for babies who love trains or seem to be happy whenever they see it. You can have a special moment with your child by spending some quality time looking at the train pictures together.

4.      Ammachi’s Glasses

Ammachi’s Glasses by Priya Kurian is a fantastic picture book for babies. The book has no words but offers a beautiful depiction of each picture. You can readily point at the colorful images and explain them to your kids. The primary plot is that Ammachi has lost her glasses, and the rest of the pictures capture the chaos that ensues. What fun, indeed!

5.      Sound Book-Dog

If you are on the lookout for an exciting board book for your children, check out Sound Book-Dog. The book contains beautiful, colorful pictures of dogs and entices babies with sounds. Yes! That’s right! The book has a sound button that emits a braking sound. There is also a rhyme regarding frisky dogs spending time. It displays the meaning of a wagging tail of a dog and why they are considered as a man’s best friend.

6.     Haathi Bhai

An excellent Gujarati rhyme adaptation is the creation of Haathi Bhai. Here, skilled illustrator Paridhi Didwania does an exceptional job of portraying the character of a large and colorful elephant (Haathi Bhai). The board book comes with vibrant elements that are sure to keep your little one’s attention for a long time.

7.      Pooni, Pooni, Where Are You?

Pooni, Pooni is a best-selling fine-it book collection of author and illustrator Manjula Padmanabhan. Pooni, Pooni, Where Are You? is the story of Minnie and how she cannot find her cat anywhere. The charming book is filled with beautiful images, designed to help your baby grow a curiosity for reading.

The Brainy Bear Store is a one-stop solution for your child’s edutainment needs. Here, you will find a wide array of products designed by early childhood care experts. These products aim to help your baby obtain developmental milestones. If you are looking for exciting story books, you will not be disappointed. Brainy Bear story books are grouped based on age groups of children. Apart from English story books, parents also have the option to order Hindi Story books too.