Top 7 Best Beaches in the World to Visit

Going to the beach is a favorite vacation for many, whether it be a local beach or a world-class tourist destination. The sound of the water, the warmth of the sun, the beautiful view of the sky and sea, and the feel of the sand on bare feet all make for a relaxing time. Relaxing on a beach with clear and clean water, soft sand, fun water activities, and space away from the crowd is one of the best kinds of vacations. Here are some of the top beaches in the world to visit.

Cabo San Lucas

Lover’s Beach in Cabo San Lucas is a quiet beach great for swimming or walking on the sand with your lover. It is also perfect for snorkeling, as visitors experience marine life underwater. A ride over to the beach on a glass-bottom boat will also give vacationers a great marine life experience while viewing the sea through the bottom of the boat. This beautiful beach is also accessible by water taxi, paddleboard, or kayak.

Bora Bora

Another beach popular with honeymooners is Bora Bora in French Polynesia. There are multiple resorts on the island where guests can take in the gorgeous turquoise water and breathtaking landscapes in peace and quiet while sitting in a hammock. Various water sports such as kayaking, paddleboats, or pedal boats are also available on the island of Bora Bora. Having calm lagoons on makes for great snorkeling experience as well.


The Maldives in the Indian Ocean also boasts a great island beach experience. Various shades of blue and green waters surround the islands of the archipelago, where sea turtles, dolphins, and various fish can be seen. Visitors who love to snorkel can enjoy the live coral reefs near the islands. While relaxing in a cozy overwater bungalow, a visitor to the Maldives will take in the immense beauty and color of the island.

Pfeiffer Beach

For those that love the Pacific Ocean and want a great beach to photograph, Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur California is the perfect place. Known for the purple sand from Manganese deposits and beautiful Keyhole Arch, this beach is great to enjoy during the day but especially at sunset. The water is chilly here and currents can be dangerous, so swimming is not one of the activities. Instead, visitors walk and play on the sand, enjoy the tide pools, picnic, and look for marine life and birds along the Pacific coast. Surfers are also often spotted here. Pfeiffer Beach is a bit off California Hwy 1, and it is important to print off directions before venturing out since much of the area has no cell service.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia in the Caribbean has white and brown sandy beaches with a backdrop of green volcanic islands, giving beautiful contrast in color. The scenery at Marigot Bay is so picturesque, there have been Hollywood films made there. All beaches on St. Lucia are public beaches with numerous opportunities for swimming and water sports. For those that love diving, Anse Chastanet beach is the perfect spot as it has a large cliff under the water as well as a coral reef for snorkeling. St. Lucia has resorts and restaurants for dining as well.


Maui is also a volcanic island beach like St. Lucia, and it is great for both families or honeymooners. Visitors can view sea turtles, dolphins, shop, hike, or experience a bit of Hawaiian culture with a BBQ on the beach. Maui has 30 miles of beach with mostly white sand, but a few beaches have black sand from the volcanic rock or even red sand at Kaihalulu Beach.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia provides idyllic beaches, iconic landscapes, beautiful islands, and a vast diverse range of marine and plant life. There are endless tempting places to visit, culture to experience, and landscapes to enjoy as you chose your journey around this unforgettable archipelago. The climate is tropical. Hot and humid from November to March with temperatures in the high 20’s to low 30’s. And a cooler, drier period from June to August with temperatures in the low to mid 20’s. With New Caledonia holiday packages available, you can swim and relax all year round.

For those looking for a relaxing vacation in the sun and sand, one of these world-class beaches may be a great choice. Each beach has its own culture and flair. Many beaches have luxury resorts and restaurants for dining. Some beaches are great for a family vacation, while others are more suited for a dream honeymoon. These top 6 world-class beaches are sure to be an idyllic vacation for many beach lovers.