Top 6 women fashion trends to follow this spring

With cold winter days nearly behind us, it’s time to reinvent our wardrobes and embrace the hottest spring fashion fads for 2023! Ready to learn more? In this article, D2Line will talk about the latest trends to follow to keep up a fresh spring-style appearance.

The changing nature of fashion

Fashion evolves every season. Due to its ever changing nature, it is important to stay aware of new tendencies. And that is especially true if you want to look your finest and make a strong fashion statement with your clothing every time you step out the door.

This upcoming season the fashion industry has some pretty amazing comeback trends from the early 2000s and a modern up-to-date twist to last year’s spring and autumn fashion. And of course, we also have some brand new style movements taking over. So stay tuned. Let’s get into it.

Second-hand shopping

Sustainability is gaining more and more popularity in the fashion field, and so is the reduce, reuse, recycle movement. So what better way to help the environment and preserve natural resources than investing in outlet items or used clothing in good condition? 

There are many benefits of second-hand shopping. First and foremost, it saves the buyer a lot of money. From an eco-friendly standpoint, it comes without packaging so reduces waste production. Second-hand shopping is an opportunity to find unique and retro items, as well as support small local businesses instead of unsustainable fast-fashion brands. 

The good news is, thanks to all of the returning trends this year, you are very likely to find the perfect spring fit at a local thrift shop. 

Leather bottoms

Statement leather pants and skirts are back on trend! And while slick black leather is still a number one choice for a spring outfit, current trends are also open to more unconventional leather selections such as colored leather or wide-leg suede pants.

This spring, combine leather bottoms with a bold color top and you will get a fashionable outfit straight out of a runway show. Celebrities and influencers are all over this type of fresh and sexy streetwear vision.

Fluorescent colors

2023 is all about the power of colors in fashion. But not just any type of color. Fashion designers and stylists are certain that vivid and fluorescent colors are the current craze that deserves all the fashionistas’ attention. 

This season you can stand out with fluorescent pants and blazers, suit sets, oversized jackets, sneakers, and tracksuits. Some of the hottest colors you can choose from are hot pink, lime green, bright yellow, neon green, dark orchid, and vibrant blue. To tone out your bold look a little, add some white into the mix or pastel-colored pieces to balance it all out. 

Wide-leg jeans

It’s official, skinny jeans are out. High-waisted wide-leg jeans are one of the trends that you cannot miss out on this spring! Inspired by 80s fashion, influencers and celebrity stylists are bringing the viral trend back with a blast.

Some of the best combinations are with a cropped blouse, laced bralette, or a well-fit top with a colorful print. Finish the look with a bomber jacket. If standard wide-legged jeans are not your cup of tea, think about alternatives such as flare jeans, yoga pants, cargo pants, or mom jeans. All those are pretty much in style right now. 

Cut outs

It’s been a while since we last saw so many cut-out clothes on runway shows and in fashion stores. This spring, style trends are embracing that quirky and sensual cut-out look. But we get it. Flashing some skin around the hips, tights, or waist definitely gives clothing an alluring appeal. No wonder so many celebs and style influencers adore the trend.

Wrap-around tops

In the spring of 2023, we are bound to see the comeback of wrap-around tops, too. But not the standard wrap-arounds we were used to seeing. This year, wrap tops are all about the long straps. And you don’t let them hang at the front – you wrap them around your waist a few times and tie them in the back. 

This type of wrap-around look is very slimming and fashionable. You will definitely be the center of attention everywhere you go. Especially if you combine the top with wide-leg jeans or cargo pants, as celebrities and influencers do.

Did you find your favorite fashion trend? Then it’s time to go spring shopping for clothes! Give your wardrobe a little upgrade this season and embrace the flattering new styles to create amazing statement looks.


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